Update Announcement - Changes to Archmage Support for Modern

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Archmage Update - Removal of Modern Support


Hello Everyone,

We have some significant adjustments to Archmage that you need to be aware of and understand.

Removal of Support for Modern

In our effort to align with Splinterlands' upcoming ban on bots and bot services in the Modern league scheduled for July 25th, 2023, we've decided to remove support for Modern. This decision is in line with our commitment to respect the decisions of the DAO and the Splinterlands team. Please note that while our support for the Modern league is being discontinued, our service will remain fully functional in the Wild league and we encourage you to try your deck in Wild!

How This Affects You

With this alteration, if you are intending to play Modern manually, it is crucial for you to update your Modern Rewards Delegations for Archmage to 0 to prevent unnecessary payments. However, if you are still using us in the Wild league, you should keep your Wild delegation in place.

Action Required: Update Your Delegations

Remember, adjusting your Rewards Delegations is a task you must do yourself. It requires an active key transaction from your account, which we cannot perform for you.

No Refunds Policy

While we have previously shown leniency, it's important to note that we maintain a steadfast 'no refunds' policy for overpayments resulting from user error. During this transition period, we will be rigorously enforcing this policy to prevent excessive and unnecessary support inquiries. Please be diligent in ensuring that your delegations are set correctly.

You can adjust your settings at: https://archmage.app/config

Feedback is Welcome

We understand that this change may cause some disruption, especially for those of you who frequently used the Modern feature. We regret any inconvenience caused.

We encourage you to share your concerns on our Discord. Your feedback is crucial in helping us navigate these changes and continue delivering excellent service.

Our Commitment

Despite these changes, our commitment to supporting Splinterlands Battle Mages remains firm. We'll continue to innovate and improve our services, while respecting our role within the Splinterlands community.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate these changes. Stay tuned for future updates!


ok disabled modern, plan to continue to bot wild. What's the deal with having focus ticked if we play modern manually? Need to be reminded again, thanks 😀


@michealb - you'll need to have focus delegations still set on. Unfortunately we don't have a good way to differentiate earned chests from Archmage activity vs. manual.

During days where you plan to play fully in Modern, you can feel free to turn off Focus delegation - but on days where Wild is running, you'll need it on for it to function.

Many thanks for being pro-active and implementing these changes. I am supportive and curious on the direction of this project. I am confident there are many land related automation Archmage can provide. Land being 100% defi, I do not see 'spirit of the game' will be impacted there, at least in the beginning.

Again, many thanks.

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anti bot

noted. Me personally, I'm anti-comments that add no value or context, but thanks for stopping by ;)