Facing a poisonous serpent of the flame. My battle of the week!

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Hello everyone!

The battle theme of this week is for a fire splinter's monster named: Serpent of the flame and may I say this is not one of my favorites for the moment and I don´t have it on my deck so this time my figth is facing this monster and not using it and is really fun make it this way.

But first lets read some of the Serpent of The Flame Lore:

Deep in a labyrinth of hot tunnels of stone, beneath the boiling caldera of Molten Mountain, the Serpent of the Flame waits comfortably. He seldom comes to the surface of the Burning Lands, but enjoys being summoned to battle more than anything. All who attack the Serpent get burned..

If you want to know a little bit more about The Burning Lands and read more Splinterlands' Lore just click the following link https://www.splinterlore.com/the-burning-lands

So, I am playing at Silver League right now and since Serpent Of The Flame is an Epic monster it higher level is 3 but let's see how much it grows in all its levels:
It have retaliate ability since level 1 and it gains poison at level 3, this thing is scary if you can use it in the last position with super sneak rule or in firts position with Melee Mayhem rule and extra damage using Malric Inferno as Summoner. Starting from level 5 it gains piercing ability wich could be useful in higher leagues.


Now is time to see the battle details, both sides choices and find the battle's winner. Let's start with the ruleset and the fighters.

Super Sneak. A great rule with a pretty decent Mana to use all your favorites Meele monsters but sometimes a magic team could win this matches really fast.

The Contenders and their teams

@ariesnomu vs @sirnotmaam
So I choose Dragon Splinter and Sirnotmaam Fire Splinter. Both Summoners will give +1 meele attack to all their meele monsters so this will be a high contact fight

First monsters. Both legendaries with shield and void to resist all attacks
Chain Golem is my choice because is a really hard guy and it will have +4 meele attack with my summoner, a real advantage againts his choice: Lord Arianathus because it will not attack me and will be almost useless because I have not pick any magic attacker in this match.


Now let's see the other guys from Sirnotmaam:

second place starts with our star of the week

  • Serpent of the Flame as second monster: Fast attack and poison but loosing it retaliate ability because it will not receive any attack in the first rounds.
  • Exploding Dwarf in third place: A real painful monster, perfectly covered to make one exploding and hard attack at least with it speed.
  • Goblin Shaman: Will low all my team speed and make all my monsters weak. It magic attack will not damage my chain golem.
  • Cerberus: It speciallity is to heal and a pretty strong attack. I think is in the wrong position.
  • Naga fire wizard in the last position: Maybe the monster who could hurt faster my first guy will receive all my tean impact.


Now is time to see my other guys:

second place start with my Silvershield Knight
Since is a Super Sneak match I will play just with meele attackers and in my personal opinion the life splinter have one of the most dangerous teams for this at silver league

  • Silvershield Knight as second monster: It will give +1 Meele attack to al my guys so this wil be an extra +2 meele for all.
  • Armorsmith in third place: It will repair the armor of my most attacked monster and will attack with 3 meele.
  • Silvershiel Assasin: one of the monsters that does more damage with its double strike and kill enemies faster from the last to the first. A really pain in the a**
  • Silvershield bard: It will remove all the negative effects in to first monster and this time will strike pretty hard too.
  • Silvershield Paladin: A really hard to beat guy with its shield ability, it will resist some impacts before die. Perfect to the last position this time.


Ready to see the battle? Who do you think will be the winner?

Click the image to see the battle

Leave your comments from the battle. Thanks for read!

See you in the next challenge 👍


you post is really good and i will request you to add your battle direct in post to visit your battle live thank for sharing this battle

Hello mate! Thanks a lot.

The battle is linked, You just need to click the last image to see the battle.

But I Will leave the link right here, just in case

Thanks for your comment.


Nice looking post and the match was also interesting to watch.



Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Super sneak with fire 🔥🔥 splinter is the most amazing combination, sometimes works and sometimes don't work hahaha, nice battle.