My Splinterlands' battle of the week: Using Soulstorm

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Hello everyone!

I came here to share my battle with Soulstorm with y'all. This creepy "tornado" is one of my favorites because is fast and fly so I can use it in earthquakes en guarantee at least one atack of this monster.

First, lets read the Lore:

Soul Harvesting is forbidden by the Dark Eternals, but some still practice these evil ways. Often, a Soul Harvest goes wrong, leaving the victim's soul forever doomed to wander the Splinterlands with no body. These wandering souls gravitate toward one another, forming sinister clouds. These clouds are known as Soulstorms, and if you see one coming, run.

Now let's see the ruleset and battlefield order or each monster:

I will play with my death team but now we have a problem here: since there is an Earthquake and no abilities for any moster, so my Soulstorm could die after first round because it will not fly. So C'mon, I need to resolve this.


This new girl will resolve my problem giving the fly ability to everyone

First Card

It have 1 armor and 5 pretty decent health to be a low mana tank

Second Card

FINALLY it can fly! and it gonna scare everyone in a second place to protect Soulstorm

Third Card

Another extra protection to ranged attacker stars but pretty fast to make some damage

Fourth Card

Our main star! Beeing so far it will make some pretty damage each round

Fifth Card

The last a a little more slow but always pretty efective. 5 damage in a row with those 2

Now, all this will work or not? Just click here to see the batle


See you in a next challenge 👍


Thank you for your Battle Challenge post.



Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Whooo Brighton Bloom in Gold, nice summoner.
You had a nice selection of monsters in this battle.
Keep playing.

Yes! I was lucky in that Dice. I really love this new Summoner.
Thank you for your upvote & cure @ashikstd

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