I will support strategy posts on Splinterlands!

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Support for New People!!

This is a short post. I am posting this from a beach at Cabo San Lucas at Baja California, Mexico where I am vacationing!


Lately I am looking to support some good strategy posts for Splinterlands! I am already doing so. Upvoting some interesting strategy posts. There is also interesting interviews, and other fun type of posts I am upvoting. This is just to promote and support new players and content producers. There are no rules, just use the #splinterlands tag, and that’s it.

Have fun!

2022 will be the year of NFT

The intent is to make people aware of this game. This is simply because this is a NFT which have some use. Splinterlands is actually changing people’s life and giving them financial freedom. So my take on this is simple; impress us with new and innovative battles strategy or some other positive content on the game and you will be supported! That’s about it!



Looks like my local beach - same here hot with no humidity, summer holiday fun. I hope to put a splinterlands post up soon, still getting used to the new chaos cards.

As soon as I find some time. Barely keeping up with my daily quests

That's just as well, I'm about to post one! Try not to get too sunburnt.

This community still finds new ways to amaze me! Happy holidays btw! :)

Super idea!
Newcomer will feel enthusiastic, especially who is beginner in splinterlands gaming platform. 😊😊

This is really good news for Splinterlands gamers.

We need to attract more people to invest money in the Splinterlands ecosystem, not just gamers, as this is very lucrative.

That's exactly what I think, that's why I post funny content because people are attracted by this sort of things, not only "how to rent" or "how to gain" or "how to calculate DEC/CP in silver league" posts, if you are a person interested in the community and not in the money if you find only "boring" posts you leave.

P.S. Amazing sea, and thank you again for the upvotes you gave me, it's amazing being appreciated for the "silly content"

Happy New Year :)

Dear @azircon,

The current HiveBuzz proposal will expire in a few days.

Do you mind supporting our proposal for 2022 so our team can continue its work next year?
You can do it on Peakd, ecency,

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Thank you. We wish you a Happy New Year!

That's awesome!

As someone who tries to write in-depth and quality guides for new players it can be frustrating that my low quality posts (200 words or so) are sometimes getting more votes/rewards than my +2000 words guides.

This helps!

That's a awesome assurance. Thanks so much @azircon although I'm new into splinterlands I'm still learning it in a big way.

Splinterlands is one of the best game blockchain based. In this 2022 I will be using Splintertalk more, there are some nice posts about the strategies to be adopted