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This week the up to eleven all units gain the amplify abilitye
Sometimes this rule set feels like rock/paper/scissors which type of attack will my opponent chose melee/range/magic that is where I want to select my team on.


The up to eleven ruleset gives all monsters the Amplify ability.
Amplify will increases Magic Reflect, Return Fire, and Thorns damage to all enemy monsters by 1.

Official ruleset information from splinterlands: List-of-In-Game-Rulesets

Abilities Synergies / Strategies

Pretty straightforward all monsters with thorns, magic reflect, return fire.

Thorns - If this monster is hit by a melee attack it returns damage up to 1 damage, with amplify this can becomes 2. thorns return damage is capped to max 2

Magic reflect - If this monster is hit by a magic attack return damage equivalent to the attacker's damage divided by 2, rounded up. The damage is reflected even if the attacker does not hit. This last sentence I did not know myself 🤣

Return fire - If this monster is attack by ranged then reduced damage is return. Damage returned is equal to damage of attacker divided by 2, rounded up. With amplify +1 extra damage is returned

Depending of the type of return attacj you expect you can also anticipate on that and reduce the return damage.
With you expect reduce by
With you expect reduce by
With you expect reduce by
Then there is the Reflection shield ability that reduces all type of return damage.


I try to avoid monsters that already/also got amplify such as:

This is more situational but I also tend to ignore or be careful with the double strike monster like:

There is a higher change there will be monster with e.g. thorns , in this case it will do 4 damage back and kills your monster also more quickly.

Example battle


High mana battle with all thorns and melee can attack from anywhere in combination with all have amplify. This make things interesting. I would like to use melee but I'm punished when doing because of the thorns and amply. So i when i do use melee i need to take shield/repair and heal with me :)


Briar Patch:
All units will receive the thorn ability. Meaning when attack by melee it will do return damage.

Melee Mayhem:
Melee unit can now attack from all positions.

Up to Eleven:
Rule set of this week all units will receive the amplify ability. Return damage is increased by 1

The Lineup


Do i need to say more 😍. Must used highest win rate of my summoners. Also here beneficial because of the +1 health that i can use with the thorns

Monsters Lineup


Djinn Oshannus (lvl 3)
I expect my opponent will go magic or range due to the rule sets. So this will do as tank.

Baakjira (lvl 3)
In the second position a massive tank that can attack in that position because of the melee mayhem rule set and it gets 2 attack point from Kulu Mastermind. It should/could heal the thorn damage received by itself

Kulu Mastermind (lvl 2)
Important unit with the weapon training ability it can boost my adjacent units and the shield reduces the thorn damage taken.

Merdaali Guardian (lvl 6)
Healer and repair that now can also attack with 2 damage from the weapon training ability of Kulu Mastermind

River Hellondale (lvl 3)
Because i use seme melee unit the inspire will boost them all. Note That will also increase the return damage of the thorns

Coastal Sentry (lvl 8)
The double strike is an risk here when it gets to much return damage, a bit of a gamble.

The Battle


Link to the battle:
Link to battle



Start :

Lets analyse the battle lineup
Not totally what i expected, was expecting more magic units. I got a bit more healing power but also my opponent sees the use of repair in combination with thorns.
At this point looking at the start i'm not confident that i either win or lose.

Round 1:

First round done and the battle is shaping up I killed his Diemonshark that i a nice tailwind.
The extra with my Baakjira seems to be working.

Round 2:

That forcefield of his Djinn Oshannus is causing my Coastal Sentry to only hit with 1 damage at the time. Lucky my Kulu Mastermand has opportunity else it would have been a victory for my opponent.

Round 3:

Looking strong for my team now. Still the thorns with amplify is hurting a lot.
When my opponent ranged unit are getting in the front the match is over.

Round 4:


The battle is over my opponent has only got a ranged unit in the front as sitting duck.
One more round

Round 5:




With the chance to have 3 rule set it can turn out to be challenging what to select sometimes taking some risk. With this battle knowing that thorns and all units have amplify is risky but also you opponent will least expect that.
When you chose these type of matched also look into how to reduce the return damage by using shield/repair and heal for this instance.

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Up to Eleven

That's all for this week hope you enjoyed reading this ruleset strategy/analysis. See you all on the battlefield.

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