The past has no power in the Splinterlands over the present moment

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Times are changing and the power that was rushing through our veins in the past it seems it faded away and a new dawn is expecting us. Warriors that were climbing to the mountain top now fell down at the foothill of the mountain. There is a lot of pain over these blood fields and only the strongest can rise again and gather all the glory. The change is hard and the air whispers of past times which simply brings more sadness to what was once filled with shinning rewards.


The human nature of all the Splinterlands monsters makes everybody bow to the new rules from the kingdom. Some are deserting, some others are licking their wounds and other which have more strength will rise from the ashes. It will get more worse until it gets better and we all know this. But there is a sunshine caressing over those that are faithful and believe that change sometimes is good if you see through the fog in front of you.


Dark feeling rushed in every monster and craziness started to feel all around. As the history tends to repeat itself some feel that they've experience this over and over again and in the end good came out of something that seemed bad. The power is shifting to those warriors which take care of their armies, strengthen them with shining armor and fierce weapons. The battlefields pour blood with each fight that we take and when reaping the rewards we barely get spoils to feed our armies. But keeping the faith and fighting over and over again this will change in the end and better things might come at the horizon.

With the change the first thought rushing through my mind was that I HAD JUST NO POWER OVER MY SPLINTERLANDS DESTINY. And that might be true, but the GODS are changing this world with the GOOD in mind. So I will give it a try, I will keep the faith, I will keep on fighting the good fight and I will hope for greater times.


Come join the good fight and take your power back!


There will be light at the end of the tunnel with phase 3 bringing special league rankings.

While initially I wasn't happy about the changes, I am getting to understand better the reasons and economics behind these. I don't use bots so all I do in the game is with my own powers, thus I want fairness from everybody else.

Haha very interesting way to turn the current news into splinterlands lore! Good luck in the brave new world!