Battle Mage Secrets Weekly Challenge - Only Ranged Monsters!

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Hello! This post is for the entry of Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets. For this week, we have Fire & Regret as the theme. In this post, while only ranged monsters can be used, this ruleset also comes up making it a really hard fight for both players.

Fire & Regret

All units receive the Return Fire ability at the start of the battle. Enemy units that attack with ranged attacks receive damage back.

  • Damage returned is equal to damage of the attacker divided by 2, rounded up.
  • Ranged attack units with the Reflection Shield ability do not take damage from reflected magic attacks.
  • The Amplify ability increases damage.

For this ruleset, monsters with amplify is good since it increases damage. Units with Reflection shield, or summoners that gives reflection shield is also good in this ruleset. Keep in mind that martyrs from the soulbound set is all ranged monsters meaning it can take damage even at the backline and buffs your monsters tactically.


Battle Info

Rank: Modern Novice
Avaliable Type: Life, Death, Dragon
Mana: 54
Going the Distance: Only units with ranged attacks may be used.
Earthquake: All non-flying units take 2 physical damage at the end of every turn.
Fire & Regret: All units receive the Return Fire ability at the start of the battle. Enemy units that attack with ranged attacks receive damage back.

Not a really good ruleset here. With Fire & Regret and Return Fire, monsters would take damage for each damage it gives which is not great. Reflection Shield would be really important in this ruleset, along with Close Range and Flying because of Earthquake. The mana cost is high, so you would be able to use almost any monsters here.

My Lineup

Summoner: Reklah. It gives Reflection Shield to two units. Reflection Shield is really good in this ruleset so I used this new Rebellion Summoner.

First positon: Queen of Crows. Although it has low ranged attack at 9 mana from level 1, its ability that enables her to attack from the first position is going to be helpful along with high health. Not the best Riftwatchers card but good in ranged only ruleset.

Second position: Ravenhood Warden. You might wander why I chose Ravenhood Warden in the second position, but due to the fact that it has low health and the protect ability is going to block one Earthquake damage, I decided to put it here since surviving Round 1 is important for this card.

Third position: Gargoya Devil. It can attack at the first position, and plus it has Flying which makes it immune to Earthquake! A good card in ranged only but with Earthquake it became the best card to choose. Only downside is that it only has low health which makes it not good for the tank spot, so it was put on the third position.

Fourth position: Venari Marksrat. Either way, it would die pretty fast, giving Martyr ability to two important units in my lineup.

Fifth position: Raa. Not the best unit to choose but with the high mana I used this Legendary monster from the Riftwatchers Set. Flying makes it immune to Earthquake and by giving Reflection shield it would be immune to Return Fire from the enemy. Also, although it has Sccattershot, it could easily be covered by Double Strike.

Last position: Dhampir Stalker. And at the back I used a nice 3 damage ranged monster. If it was wild I would've had more option but I just settled on this card.


Battle Link: HERE


Round 1

The enemy monsters were revealed and the summoner was what you would expect in a Going the Distance game: General Sloan. I was able to look at the enemy monsters and discovered one major fatal flaw here: They were not really ready for Return & Fire ruleset. Maybe they were not able to see it. I was expecting this battle to end around 4 rounds.

The battle started and many ranged attacks flew around. At Round 1, a lot of things were happening which decided the game. The enemy monsters targeted the first monsters while Raa had scattershot making its attacks random. Pelacor Arbalest was taken down by its own attacks.

Ravenhood Warden took down Gargoya Devil by its only 1 ranged attack. Dhampir Stalker also took down War Pegasus by its 3 ranged attack, but got 2 damage back which was absorbed by armor. Also, Queen of Crows took down Venari Marksrat, but was also taken down because of its own attack. Venari Crystalsmith was taken down after its attack took Ravenhood Warden down.


Round 2

Only one enemy monster was left, and it was not able to attack.

Thoughts about this battle

The battle ended more quickly than I thought, but the rulesets were really interesting so I shared it. Getting Reflection Shield was so important in this battle.


Thanks to all the people that read this post!

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