Social Media Challenge - Countering Explosive Weaponry

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Hello! This post is for the second entry of Splinterlands Social Media Challenge. This battle was really hard and I was able to win by countering the Explosive Weaponry ruleset by Reflection Shield ability. The monsters used in this battle are somehow similar to the first battle, but it was used differently.

Battle Link




Rank: Modern Bronze
Avaliable Type: Water, Earth, Dragon
Mana: 52
Are You Not Entertained?: Players may play one additional gladiator card per battle.
Explosive Weaponry: All units gain the blast ability.
Melee Mayhem: Melee units can attack from any position.

Those rulesets combined would deal a lot of blast damage, since Melee attackers can attack from any position, and with high mana cap, they would be dangerous.



Summoner: Helios Matriarch. Probably my favorite soulbound summoner. It gives +1 speed to all unit and allows a Gladiator card in battle. Although you can use one, it was a Modern Tournament that banned Legendary Summoners, so I had to use that one.

First position: Agor Longtail. With its Taunt ability, it would soak their damage while getting healed by backline monsters. Void Armor and Flying helps to survive for a little bit longer. Also it has 2 magic and 3 melee attack that will deal significant damage.

Second position: Venator Kinjo. The MVP of this battle. It would prevent the blast damage by Reflection Shield ability until Agor Longtail is defeated. It also does little damage because of the Rulesets.

Third position: Quora Towershead. It would attack twice and would do more blast damage. With Bloodlust she would get stronger after she defeats an opponent. It is also safe from taking damage until Agor Longtail is defeated.

Fourth positon: Goblin Psychic. One of the best Earth cards with Tank Heal. It would heal Agor Longtail because it is on the front.

Fifth position: Scavo Hireling. Its Repair ability helps Agor Longtail more by restoring their armor. More importantly it would get 3 ranged attack from Ava the Undaunted.

Last position: Ava the Undaunted. With weapons training, it would give Scavo Hireling 3 ranged attack that would deal a lot of damage.



Round 1

The match began and I saw they went with many double attack monsters, which was normal since each attack will deal blast damage. Their rat went down fastly and it gave buffs. However their Taunt monster quickly died after missing the attack getting hit by multiple ranged attacks. Meanwhile all the blast damages were blocked by Venator Kinjo.


Round 2

After taking some hits, Their martyr was down but their Quora soon died after. It seemed like the victory was mine when their Katrelba Gobson missed all their attack and defeated.


Round 3

With only one enemy monster left, it quickly ended.

Thoughts on this battle

It was really good to see the Reflection Shield working in this ruleset combined with Taunt. They also had a strong team but Flying on Agor Longtail made some of the attacks to miss.



Thanks to all the people that read this post!

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