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Hello! This post is for the second entry of Splinterlands Social Media Challenge. For this post, a brawl battle with mirror matchup is featured.


Battle Info

Rank: Modern Bronze - Brawl
Avaliable Type: All except Life
Mana: 45
Are you not Entertained?: Players may play one additional Gladiator Card per battle.
Weak Magic: Magic hits armor first before hitting health.
Earthquake: All non-flying units take 2 physical damage at the end of every turn.

Although it is a brawl battle, Are You Not Entertained allows one more gladiator, and with the soulbound summoners you could use three gladiators in theory. The other rulesets are heavily relying on armor, so Astral Entity + Ever Hungry Scull / Dumacke Orc would work in this battle, but I found a more better way to take advantage by using martyrs...

My Lineup

Summoner: Immortalis. For 6 mana it gives -1 health to enemy monsters and void and shatter to friendly monsters. I thought those were really good in this ruleset because of the ruleset Earthquake and Weak Magic, and it would counter monsters with high armor / low health. For the Void ability, you generally would expect some magic attack from the enemy.

First position: Arkemis the Bear. It's a high mana card so it is allowed in this battle. The protect ability will give +2 armor to friendly monsters which would defend them from earthquake.

Second position: Venari Marksrat. A martyr monster here to buff the adjutant monsters. In this case I should have put Venari Markrsrat behind so it triggers the martyr ability faster.

Third position: Quora Towershead. One of the favorite gladiators. You can use it because of the ruleset and also it is a brawl battle. Scarred Llama Mage is the best pair with Quora but since it is a modern battle I was not able to use it, however it is just a great card on its own.

Fourth position: Fungus Flinger. Nothing to say here! Just another martyr here. It has 1 more health than Venari Marksrat and if it does not get hit, it would survive 1 turn longer than Venari Marksrat.

Fifth position: Katrelba Gobson. I used the ruleset in my favor so I used another Gladiator, although it has low health and therefore fragile to Earthquake damage in this ruleset.

Last position: Regal Peryton. Lastly, I went for a sneak attack defender and also a flying monster which would not take damage from earthquake.


Battle Link: HERE


Round 1

The enemy monsters were revealed and not surprisingly, they went with the same summoner considering armor is really good in this ruleset. They also went for Quora and two martyrs beside, but they went for Grund at the front and Queen Mycelia for the Protect, instead of Arkemis the Bear and Katrelba Gobson. They also had a taunt monster at the back, while I went for Regal Peryton.

Round 1 started and we took some blows. The Taunt Monster at the back directed the damage to the back, and not at Grund which has a high DPS but low health. Meanwhile Arkemis the bear took most of the damage and it was low on health.


Round 2

The Earthquake damage was directed to armor for the most monsters on both team, but enemy Mycelic Slipspawn was at low health, and Arkemis the bear was taken down. The battle started and luckily, Quora Towershead took down Mycelic Slipspawn at the back which triggered bloodlust ability. Attack from Grund took down Venari Marksrat at the front, and it gave buff to Quora who now took the first place. Meanwhile, Katrelba Gobson took down Queen Mycelia at the back with double attack, and got Bloodlust ability triggered.


Round 3

Earthquake took enemy Venari Marksrat down, and gave buff to both Grund and Quora. However, Grund had low health and was taken down by my Quora Towerhead and triggered another Bloodlust ability. Katrelba Gobson also took down enemy Fungus Flinger but it looked like it would be taken down by Earthquake damage next turn.


Round 4

Earthquake took Fungus Flinger and Katrelba Gobson down. The speed difference between both Quora Towershead was able to win this game for me.


Thoughts about this battle

Mirror Match is always fun to watch because the slight difference always makes the game really unpredictable. Here my Quora Towershead was able to get buffs including 2 kills, but the enemy Quora Towershead was not able to.



Thanks to all the people that read this post!

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All images are used from Splinterland.


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