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Hello! This post is for the entry of Splinterlands Social Media Challenge. Today I will feature Helmet Kharafax, a common Life Gladiator Card.

Helmet Kharafax

Helmet Kharafax is probably one of the least used Gladiator for me. Light element has more better Gladiators like Captain Katie, and it has no attack. However, with more Weapon Training cards, it looks like it could be played with other cards.

Bronze (level 3) - At level 3 it has 3 speed, 1 armor and 4 health. It has Bloodlust which gives +1 to all stats when it defeats an enemy and Scavenge ability that gives +1 health when any unit dies. It is a nice unit for 2 mana however it is Gladiator card so you can't use in normal battles.

Silver (level 5) - At level 5 it has 3 speed, 1 armor and 5 health but it has a new ability: void. With void it receives 50% less damage from magic attacks making it strong against magic.

Gold (level 8) - At level 8 it has 4 speed, 1 armor and 6 health and it gets another ability which is Magic Reflect. When it gets hit by magic attack, it does half of that damage to the attacker.

Diamond/Champion (level 10) - At max level gets 1 more armor and another ability: Return Fire. It does half of ranged damage to its attacker.


Battle Info

Rank: Modern Bronze
Avaliable Type: Water, Earth, Light
Mana Limit: 33
Explosive Weaponary: All units gain the blast ability.
Broken Arrows: Units with ranged attacks cannot be used.
Even Stevens: Only units with even mana costs may be used.

It was a very restrictive battle with 2 Rulesets that limited cards. Explosive Weaponary is also a ruleset that you need to pay attention to.


Summoner: Franz Ruffmane. It gives +1 armor to all units and allows a Gladiator to use. I had some mana left, so I used this instead of General Sloan since Armor would protect them from some blast damage.

First position: Gargoya Lion. It is definitely not a unit that I use often. However, with the limited cards that I can use, I chose Gargoya Lion since it has 2 attack, 6 health and Flying which would help to avoid attacks.

Second position: Corsair Bosun. With the Reflection Shield ability, It would not get Blast damage. With Reach it could attack from the second position and it also has a nice 4 melee attack.

Third position: Time Mage. Also another unit I used because it could attack from the backline. Slow is a nice ability to have and it allows our team to attack faster than the opponent.

Fourth position: Moxian Rebel. One of the best low mana cost Rebellion card with Weapons Training. It gives 1 Magic attack to adjacent units with no attack that would be further boosted by Blast.

Fifth position: Helmet Kharafax. The main unit in this post. It was placed there so it could soak some Sneak attacks. With Bloodlust and Scavenge it would gain health a lot.

Last position: Soul Fiend. It costs free so It was placed there to soak Melee Sneak attacks. It would need to get through twice because of +1 armor from the summoner.



Round 1

The units were opened and I was feeling good since General Sloan which does nothing in this ruleset. The strategies was similar by placing a Reflection Shield Unit on the second spot. They also had a Sneak monster but it was ok. The battle started and after some attacks Helmet Kharafax was able to kill the enemy Xenith Monk and get Bloodlust and Scavenge. On my side Gargoya Lion had only 4 health left.


Round 2

Corsair Bosun's Blast damage killed Pelacor Conjurer. After that Dumacke Exile killed my Soul Fiend on the backline, and their Corsair Bosun was able to take down Gargoya Lion. Enemy Soul Fiend was also taken down by Blast damage from Moxian Rebel.


Round 3

Time mage's Magic attack took enemy Corsair Bosun down, and with their main damage dealer out, the battlefield was in my favor.


Round 4

Time mage's first attack takes down all of the remaining enemy units.


Thanks to all the people that read this post!

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All images used are from Splinterlands


Happy season end on Splinterlands,
I hope you collect many legendary or gold foil cards.
Your insights in this article inspire me to make some changes
How was your last days of season battles in the arena?


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