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Hello! This post is for the second entry of Splinterlands Social Media Challenge. This battle is from a Brawl battle that can use any cards up to Bronze level.

Battle Info

Rank: Brawl Wild Bronze
Avaliable Type: Water, Earth, Death
Mana Limit: 52
Blood and Sunder: All units have Corrosive Ward.
Earthquake: All non-flying units take 2 physical damage at the end of every turn.
Rise of the Commons: Only common and rare units may be used in battles.

The rulesets were definitely hard to ignore. Earthquake means you need more flying units and Rise of the Commons restricted the high cost Legendary units in this battle. Also Blood and Sunder counters armor and makes Earthquake more deadly for non flying units.


Summoner: Scarred Llama Mage. However, you can use Legendary summoners, and since I had mana left, I went with one of the best summoners. It gives +2 health and last stand to all units, and also cleanse all debuffs from the unit in the first position each round. This summoner is best suited with Kron, however it cannot be used because of the ruleset.

First position: Arkemis The Bear. It is a 12 mana monster with protect which will give +2 armor to all friendly monsters. I was expecting the armor to be useful since I was expecting a lot of melee and ranged monsters. Its 3 melee attack and 12 health will be useful too.

Second position: Pelacor Mercenary. Although it cannot attack from the second position, it has 3 melee attack and flying, so I went with it.

Third position: Goblin Physic. It is one of the best Tank heal cards in Earth element. It would heal the unit in the first position each round. If it gets the last stand buff, it would heal itself each round.

Fourth position: Venari Marksrat. Martyr units are really good in this ruleset because it would activate its effect more sooner. After it dies, it would give all +1 stats to Goblin Physic and Katrelba Gobson.

Fifth position: Katerlba Gobson. This monster was supposed to be the main damage by getting martyr from both side, however the battle went a little bit differently than I planned.

Last position: Fungus Flinger. Another unit with martyr. With +2 health it would also absorb some sneak attacks.


Round 1

The opponent was revealed and I was not really expecting to win. They had a nice Tank, and they also had a good backline tank. We exchanged some hits but no one was currently down.

Round 2

Earthquake happened and since my opponent chose gladiator cards with low health, they was down to 1 or 2 health. Their Bertrol Gobson took Fungus Flinger down and got the Bloodlust which gives +1 to all stats, while our Katerlba Gobson got the Martyr and got +1 to all stats. However enemy Katerlba Gobson took down my Katerlba Gobson and got the bloodlust.

Round 3

It was round 3 and the Earthquake wiped three enemy units! The battle seemed to be in my favor since their more aggresive units and heal unit were all wiped out. Their Gargoya Devil took down Arkemis the Bear, and Pelacor Mercenery took the first spot. After dealing some blows Mycelic Infantry was taken down by Pelacor Mercenery.

Round 4

Although Earthquake only affected my team and it took Venari Marksrat down, after getting the Martyr effect, Goblin Physic took down Gargoya Devil.

Round 5

Pelacor Mercenery finally was able to take down the final enemy unit, Nectar Queen.

Thoughts on this Battle

At first I was not certain about winning, but +2 health and +2 armor did made a huge difference against my opponent in Earthquake ruleset.



Thanks to all the people that read this post!

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