20 CL Packs Opening + Giveaway #4

in Splinterlandslast year


Hi everyone, the grind is real! Trying to get both my accounts back into their leagues is not easy. The battle SPS isn’t that fantastic since the new change to the battle SPS calculations. Hope you all are having better luck climbing the leagues.

So as I was looking at my Guild’s Discord, one person mentioned that he opens his packs in groups of 4s as it seems to give him better drops. So I thought to myself “Why not? Anything to not get crappy cards”. And it worked, sort of as I did get 1 Legendary and 6 GFs and 3 summoners! Way better then my last two pulls. So if you all have any tricks, share them with me and I will give it a go. There were 2 cards that were duplicated 4 times and they were the Venari Knifer and Blinding Reflector.


O man, not again! This is getting ridiculous. If this keeps happening, I might have to do the pool giveaway earlier than I expected. Good luck with your next guess and keep grinding away!


  1. In the comments below, guess which card would have the most duplicates.
  2. Include your Splinterlands username (If different to your name here).
  3. If there are no correct guess, the card will go into a pool and a wheel spin will decide who gets it after every 10th giveaway.

@olaf.gui, @luizeba, @bitandi, @morzhan, @seeweed, @noctury, @dstampede, @blitzzzz, @sheikh27, @akiraymd, @queen-silvia, @thaddeusprime, @alexis666, @stamato, @darthsauron


Scavo hireling this time, no doubts



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radiated brute

Count me in please

What's your guess?

Silent Sha-Vi

Hardy stonefish @eijibr


carrion shade
ign: senyong

Count me in. I pick Deeplurker

IGN olaf.gui

lava spider

I think Mycelic slipspawn once again guessed by @sheikh27.

Silent Sha-VI

Auto-Rent/Auto Battle your SPL cards Splex!👈