Splinterlands Cards Giveaway #15

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Hey everyone,

now that I started playing Splinterlands again I thought it would be a great idea to give some cards away for those who want to start as well or who are already playing and looking to increase the strength of their team. I will do this giveaway daily (or at least 5 times a week) and the cards that I'm giving away may be worth more or less from time to time. There's also a weekly jackpot that can be won but more about that later.


Today's Giveaway

As you know the value of the cards I give away daily depends on the pending Hive / HBD payout of my last giveaway post. Given the current upvotes on my last post I would give away a card worth ~ $0.50 today. But my last post was upvoted by @monster-curator (PS: Thx, I really appreciate your support 😊), so I will increase the prize a bit and give away a more valuable card.

Since the card is worth more this giveaway will run for 7 days (not until sunday) because that way more people will have a chance to join.

Today I am giving away a lvl 1 Gloridax Soldier!

Wow, what a card! The Gloridax Soldier belongs to the dragon team and has 4 health, 1 amor, 2 speed & 1 Melee attack. In addition to that it has 2 (!) abilities: Flying and Shield. That's cool. And if you get a few more copies of this card and lvl up the Gloridax Soldier can become an extraordinary monster. A lvl 1 edition of this card is currently worth about $2.82 (15/10/2021).

If you win this card it will be all yours 🤩

Weekly Jackpot

You can also win the weekly jackpot if you're an active participant of my giveaways. To have a chance to win the jackpot you have to enter every giveaway of one week.

The jackpot always starts at 0.1 Hive and is increasing depending on the payouts of the giveaway posts. Every time I post another giveaway I'll take a look at the last giveaway post and 25% of the pending HBD (converted to Hive) will go into the pot.

This way I'll reward active members and there's nothing you need to do except entering all the giveaways. Every sunday there will be one lucky winner who wins the jackpot.

Current jackpot: 0.53 Hive

How to enter

It is pretty easy. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. You have to follow me (so you don't miss any giveaways 😎)
  2. Leave a comment with your Splinterlands username (you can also write something else, for example what you like about the cards given away - this won't increase your chances though)
  3. Upvote this post (optional but this will help me out a lot and also increase the weekly jackpot)
  4. Reblog (optional but appreciated)

That's it. All you need to do is follow these steps. If you don't follow me and comment with your Splinterlands username you'll be disqualified for that round (without warning). Winners will be announced in exactly 7 days.

I will mention everyone who participated in the last giveaway, so you won't forget to enter again. If you don't want to be mentioned please add this to your comment!

Last participants were @dynamicrypto, @blaceflo1995, @bernardinetti, @yeckingo1, @facundosanchez, @ravenxbr, @tokutaro22, @geom, @modough, @failingforward, @subidu, @myothuzar, @yras, @ynwa.andree, @spryquasar, @monster.farmer, @iceman23, @mario02, @project10back, @rayius, @irisworld, @arkasz, @inuke, @pregosauce & @litrydow

I wish everyone good luck and see you next time.

Cheers ✌


50 comments already, very nice engagement!

It is pretty nice but almost half of the comments are from me commenting on comments 😂

You're in, good luck 🤞

Good luck guys! The card is nuts, i rented one for a few days and it is really nice!

It is pretty nice indeed. Good luck 🤞

Nice, bro. I already followed and rebolg. Giveaway activity is nice for new guy on spliterlands.


Thanks for your support. You're in, good luck 🤞

Sick post my guy

Thanks and good luck 🤞

wish me luck

You're in, good luck 🤞

One great thing about this card is that there are some really impressive Dragon splinter cards out there, including the new Djinn, but getting enough Dragon cards to play those awesome cards is hard, so every single Dragon card helps! :)

You're right. Maybe you'll win another dragon card. Good luck 🤞

Please count me in @harpreetjanda

You're in, good luck 🤞

Count on me @tokutaro22

You're in, good luck 🤞

user : @ipwnsky

GOodluck everyone.

You're in, good luck 🤞

Count me in. @monster.farmer

You're in, good luck 🤞

I want to participate @yeckingo1

You're in, good luck 🤞

Please include me. @kevinnag58

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You're in, good luck 🤞

Thank you fo the giveaway! My IGN is cpol.

Great to see you join the giveaway. Good luck 🤞

Thank you so much!

Count me in ^^ @subidu

Good luck 🤞


Wow indeed. Good luck 🤞

Thank you for the giveaway!

You're in, good luck 🤞

I want to continue participating in the giveaway. @mario02

You're in, good luck 🤞


I would love to enter! @project10back

You're in, good luck 🤞

What a beast of a card ign failingforward

You're in, best of luck 🤞

What a card! Count me in @arkasz !

You're in, good luck 🤞

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Great card, I’m in. Same game name as here!

Great to see you join. Good luck 🤞

You're in, good luck 🤞

Glad you got upvoted by Monster curator 😊


Thanks, it is always great to get an upvote from monster curator 😎 You're in, good luck 🤞

Thank you!

Until then have a !PIZZA

You're in, good luck 🤞

I am in for sure! :)

Good luck 🤞


Are you following me?

I will follow you.
Happy season finale

You're in now. Good luck 🤞

Wow... the rewards are getting better and better!!!
IGN: @rayius

You're in, good luck 🤞

Oh!!! Wow.. such lovely card for giveaway..
Please count me in..

I am @inuke.

You're in, best of luck 🤞

Awesome, would love to join!
My username is @plints

You're in, good luck 🤞

Gloridax Soldier!🤩

You're in, good luck 🤞

Nice card. Nice giveaway

You're in, good luck 🤞

You're in, good luck 🤞

Thanks for your giveaway! Count me in!

IGN @luizeba

You're in, good luck 🤞

More power to you @iceman23

Great to see you join. Good luck 🤞

I hope I am not too late to enter
my ign is champster101

No, you're not too late. Good luck 🤞

Good luck!


You're in, best of luck 🤞

!BEER und !LUV

Der ist ja geil, den kannte ich noch nicht.

mein-senf-dazu auch bei Splinterlands

Bist dabei, viel Glück 🤞

Would love to have this card.

Great to see you join. Thx for the support 🙏 Good luck 🤞

count me in! Username: @pcyanide

You're in, good luck 🤞

Thank you!

Thanks for participating, good luck 🤞

hey awesome concept i should reuse this concept to the french community....

Thanks a lot ...

You're welcome. Great to see you join, good luck 🤞

Is your Splinterlands in-game name the same?

Yes sorry.. I was facing business issues so I wasnt on the Hive.. ;)

Thank you for the chance @jmehta

You're in, good luck 🤞

I've always loved dragons, so seeing this giveaway was great stumbling lol. Thanks for your efforts running this, unfortunately I'm having issues adding imagery, idk if it's the ecency app or just the net, so this comment will remain plain Jane lol. Keep up the good work, gl and hf!

Great to see you join my giveaway. Who doesn't like a cool dragon card? I wish you good luck 🤞

This giveaway is CLOSED. Winner will be drawn soon...