100,000 DEC Shopping Spree Live!

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It's time to spend my Bug Bounty spoils!

(TLDR version: Come help me spend 100,000 DEC on my livestream tonight at 6 pm eastern! I'm putting it in your hands!)

Collecting The Bug Bounty

Two days ago I got a little agitated when I discovered a card of mine seemed to magically disappear. I bought and combined Dark Ferryman to level 3 (excited to try out that cripple ability!), went in to play a battle, and he was nowhere to be found!

With a little help from the always spectacular Splinterlands community on Discord (Thanks @steemitromney and @brybro27), it was discovered that my Dark Ferryman was burned! How could this be? Obviously I wouldn't intentionally burn cards I just bought to level up, and I couldn't imagine I would accidently misclick and burn something without even noticing I did so.

So I set out to do some testing, and starting burning a few cards to compare burn transactions and try to replicate the error. At this point I had no idea that a "Bug Bounty" was even a thing, I was just determined to satisfy my own curiosity (and maybe prove to myself that none of this was my fault!).

Eventually I got it! Turns out there was a way that you could burn cards unintentionally without accepting either of the two confirmation popups (once I discovered you had to confirm the burn twice, I knew it wasn't a simple misclick on my end!). It was an odd sequence that wouldn't normally happen, but apparently I'm special!

As a result of being able to so specifically identify and duplicate the bug, I was awarded a "Bug Bounty" of 100,000 DEC! First off, wow. I continue to be blown away by the Splinterlands team. I come from a game where devs wouldn't listen to me when I approached them regarding bugs or potential game problems, and eventually banned me for covering them on my channel. It's so great to be around a team that actually understands how to interact with the players and fosters one of the best gaming communities I've ever been a part of.

Let's Spend the Bug Bounty!

So how am I going to spend the Bug Bounty? Well, I'm leaving that almost entirely up to you! At 6 pm eastern today (go click the video to set a reminder) we will be spending all 100,000 DEC live on stream! I'm leaving it up to the Dawg Pound to decide how I upgrade my account. I retain the right to veto things, but otherwise it's all on you. Here are some ways I'll be looking to upgrade my account.


Everyone loves to gamble, right?! I've got some untamed packs remaining that are for investment purposes, but I'll essentially sell some to myself for 3k DEC each (includes the potions) if ordered to. We can also buy some dice packs as well.

Cards For Silver Competition

Let's hit the market and upgrade my deck! A lot of my cards are still a pretty low level, so I need to start upgrading them to be competitive in Silver level tournaments. I do have a level 2 Mimosa, and this whole thing started because I was upgrading some of my Death cards. Should we go boost Death even further? There are no shortage of options here.

Good Value Cards

We can also scour the market just searching for good buys. It's a very dynamic market with lots of price fluctuations going on, which makes it fun to simply go search for good deals, either to add to my playing collection, or to flip later down the line. I honestly spend almost as much time doing this as I do playing the game, as I've become fascinated by the Splinterlands market.

Cards To Delegate To New Players

I'm accumulating a significant number of affiliates through my Youtube channel and spend quite a bit of time helping onbaord players into this game and delegating out cards to get them started. I'm starting to run out of cards to send out. I could use some more of the essential starter cards that can really help give new players a boost to help them reach the point where they are earning enough DEC to rent on their own. Since I've been gifted with this Bounty by the Splinterlands team, I think it also makes some sense to reinvest a little into helping the community grow.

I'm obviously super excited to go spend money, and I hope to see several of you this evening as well!


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Wow thats amazing.. Well done sussing that out.. The #splinterlands team are brilliant 😎