XBOT Day 9

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The streak continues, as XBOT continues to generate positive rating every single day even at the very top of the game. There was no report yesterday because XBOT crashed mid session which interfered with the report, but it did gain a little less than 100 rating. Today XBOT gained exactly 100 rating and once again posted a winning record.


XBOT now sits at 3952, just 248 points shy of the Champion II goal with over 4 days left in the season. Based on its current schedule of play it will naturally have 4 sessions remaining, with another session that will start just after the season ends. The session scheduling is automated, but I do wonder if I could manipulate it at all to get a 5th session in before the season ends. And if I could, should I even do it, or would that violate the nature of such a test? That debate will come later if it's even necessary. For now, let's go back and once again look at the summoner selection for the last 50 lineups XBOT submitted.



XBOT clearly has a strong preference for using water, earth, and life. These 3 splinters continually dominate this report. I wonder if this is a reflection of my own personal collection or if this would also be the case for someone playing with a max account. I do not own all of the cards by any stretch (I literally have none of the Untamed rare summoners, for example), but I do have a very nice collection and I don't feel as if that collection sample is biased against fire, death, or dragon. I still feel dragon is vastly under utilized by XBOT, but I do think popular opinion would actually agree that fire and death are the two weakest splinters at the modern champion level. It probably makes sense that XBOT opts to use them more selectively. If anyone else has tried out XBOT at the champion level I'd be interested to see your breakdown from the Archimago bot.

Last season I finished with a total of 67 champion chests on the season. I am current sitting on 49 this season with XBOT. Overall it's looking as if XBOT is going to come very close to matching my performance from last season. Stay tuned for the final 4 (or 5?!) reports to find out how things go down the stretch as the competition heats up and players start jostling for leaderboard positions or pushing to hit their desired league for end of season.

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