XBOT Season - Day 2

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Well, it's been a pretty crazy last 24 hours. For those who may have missed it, I am no longer an official part of the Splinterlands team. It was such a stressful and chaotic day that I actually completely forgot about my main account. But that's an advantage of running any type of bot. It's going to play regardless of what distractions we encounter on a daily basis!

But how did it actually perform? If you missed my intro and day 1 results be sure to go back and check that out. The day 2 results ended up being a near carbon copy!


For the second straight day XBOT ran with a losing record but still managed to gain rating overall. It finished the session somewhere in the Top 75 in Diamond/Champion. Many may scoff at a winning percentage below .500, but I remain fairly impressed that a bot in beta testing and running at this level for the very first time is able to hold it's own and actually gain rating during the first 2 days of the season when climbing is very tough.

I don't have a complete battle history from the day 2 session, but like day 1 there was at least one surrendered battle. It once again came in a ruleset where melee was banned, so I suspect XBOT attempted to play a melee card. This was again reported and patched, and is a normal part of beta testing as the algorithm is fine tuned. Win percent and rating gain should improve slightly as these are cleaned up


As for the battles that actually played out, I once again see no abnormalities or anything that would stand out as being a weird choice by a bot. If you mixed the XBOT battle history with my own manual battle history I'm not sure anyone would be capable of separating the battles. XBOT even played my "signature lineup" with Desert Dragon and Carnage Titan protected by a big taunting tank on the back line!


XBOT still has not played Lux Vega, but it did play Kain Hace, the newest Riftwatcher airdrop! Unfortunately I only have Kain at level 1, so that may not have been an optimal play. I've sent Kain to an alt account so he doesn't get used again until I level him up a little more. I love that card and would like to max him out, but at this time I need to hold off investing any more funds in cards until my career stabilizes a little bit.

As was stated yesterday, it's still way too early to have any confidence drawing conclusions. But my early impression is that XBOT is a quality bot that is good enough to let run at even the highest levels of the game and will be extremely useful when I'm wanting to save myself the time of playing, but probably isn't actually an upgrade over playing the account myself. It's likely better (and cheaper) than an average player I might find as a scholar, but probably isn't better than a highly skilled scholar.

We still have 12 days left in the season though! How will XBOT finish? Be sure to check back daily for updates as the journey continues!

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Is it safe?
i afraid to use it

To play battles it only uses your posting key, so there is no risk of losing assets. The worst thing they could possibly do if something happened is combine cards you don't want combined or create social posts you don't want.

ill try it too

What is the web link for the service?