Splinterlands Art Contest Week 208- Hardy Stonefish GIF

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Hi hivers! This is my work, Hardy Stonefish Pixel GIF I made this as pixel and make it animated.


My Inspiration Lore

To the untrained eye a Hardy Stonefish is nearly invisible when at rest on the ocean floor. This solitary creature is at home in deep water or in shallow pools. Their thick rough scales make the stonefish indistinguishable from chunks of coral or a large boulder but when they attack, very few survive. They can grow up to six feet in length and are wide and strong. Hardy Stonefish attack by slamming their rock-like skulls into their opponent, dealing crushing damage. Anyone who tries to battle this dread aquatic beast will find themselves surprised by the toughness of their scales, making their armor difficult to penetrate.

Hardy Stonefish.png

How it was made?
I drew the baseline of the body of the fish.


I next the Stones above the head of hardy stonefish, Making it dominant effect.



I next the following stone


Then the two stones to complete the dominant effect that the stone growing from the fish.


This the last stone could appear.

That's it!
Thank you for reading.


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Credit: rhiaji
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