Splinterlands Art Contest week 210- Queen of Crows

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Hi hivers! it's me again, I wanna share my simple art of Queen of Crows. I used ibispaint x app for this art.


Queen of Crows' Lore

Born Marissa Maewyn in a small village on the outskirts of Lyveria on the continent of Anumun, the Queen of Crows has had the power to speak to and control crows even as a child. Others ostracized her for her unusual ability, and she grew up an outcast. Her crows were her only companions, and she used them to defend herself against those who sought to harm her because they feared what she could do.

She spent her adolescence in study of the dark arts and became enthralled with Alturia Dragonforth, the Dark Enchantress and Lagfael's Queen, who originally hailed from nearby Lyveria. In time, Marissa's enthrallment turned to envy. She fantasized about journeying to Mortis, replacing the Dark Enchantress, and joining with the Lord of Darkness in an unholy union.

As her power grew, so did the townsfolk's fear, and one night, a mob of them broke into her home. Her parents were killed defending her, and in her rage and sorrow, Marissa commanded her crows to slay those responsible... along with everyone else in the village.

Afterward, she traveled across the seas to Beluroc on the continent of Mortis. Here, she consolidates her power and aids the Dark Eternals in their quest to bring the world to the one true darkness. She works diligently and quietly, all the while attempting to gain the attention and favor of the Lord of Darkness and realize her ambition of ruling at his side.

Queen of Crows.png

Here's my process of Art
First I sketched using the pencil.


then, I Color the hat using hard pastel brush.


Next I used the neon light brush for the outline of the hair


Then I used the Soft Hairbrush for the hair


I color the face and sketched and color the crow.



That's it! Thank you for reading, have a nice day y'all!


Nice work. 😊
Keep it up.

Thank you very much @thecuriousfool 🥹💓

You're very much welcome. 😊


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