Splinterlands Art Contest Week 211- Fire Elemental

Hi hivers peeps! I would to share with you my art of fire elemental. This art is fire girl feeling the power of heat of fire of her.


Fire Elemental's Lore

Only the most skilled Fire summoners are able to call upon a Fire Elemental. The Elemental is basically fire personified. Once summoned, it takes the most convenient form it can find, then goes to battle with its own brand of deadly flame attacks.

images (8).jpeg

This is my process of art

First well, I sketched the outline


Next I used to shade the shadowing part using pencil brush in ibispaint x


I replace the red color shade of the black shade of pencil then I mix the orange shade for blending the fire colors.


Lastly, the background is just simple black for the contrast of everg colors of the character.


That's it! thank you for reading.


Woahhh. I like her pose. It's perfect for being an elemental.
Great job.
Keep it up.


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