Splinterlands week 214 - Molten Ash Golem

Hi hivers in Splinterlands community How's busy life? I do hope we are all good! I wanna share my art Molten Ash Golem.


Inspiration Card

The Molten Ash Golems are birthed from a creature known as the Forgotten One. Created by the High Magus of the Crypteia and serving as his personal servant, the Forgotten One is a fiery beast of might and malice.

The Forgotten One's great power sometimes spills over, leaving trails of molten ash in its wake. And within these beats the strong enchantments the Magus originally put on his Forgotten One. Within a day, these piles of burning ash become sentient.

Rising from the ground and forming into loose humanoid shapes, these Molten Ash Golems have only one desire. Find their creator. They will travel the lands searching for the Forgotten One, never tiring and never needing to stop. Once reunited with their source, they serve faithfully for as long as they continue to burn.


My Process of Art
This is the first step I sketch thru pencil in ibis paint x


and then I color it



I blend it with red and orange color
and make the art glow in the dark.



That is all thank you.


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Thanks for sharing! - castleberry#6859