Splinterlands Weekly Art Contest #206- Half Human Flame Monkey

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Hey there! Pals, Amigos and Friends of Hive! I am glad to share my digital art of Half human Flame monkey , I used ibispaint x for my art.


Lore of the Flame Monkey
These large monkeys were bred for the Kobolds some two hundred years ago as a gift from the Gloridax. They are easy to train and can sustain incredibly high temperatures, but the Flame Monkey’s greatest feature is its ability to make fire by rubbing its hands together rapidly.

Flame Monkey.png

What did I do to my output art?

Here is my process of art

I sketch the half human flame monkey using the mechanical pencil. I came up with the idea of powerful pose of some animated heroes in battling


Then the coloring of my sketch after it was finalized and being done in sketching.

First, I color his hair with combination of yellow, red and also orange.



Second, I color the face with white pinkish color and the hair on the cheek as the one recognizable of being half human and half flame monkey.
I used the bucket in coloring some part to make the process easy.


Third, the upper part of the body which it was a warrior half human flame monkey their was an armor emphasizing he has powerful power. It was blended in brown, red,orange and yellow


Lastly, I color the lower part which also relatively red and the flame coming from the half human half flame monkey to emphasize the visual presentation I decided to have a black background.


I forgot literally the tail, so I just make some final revision and edit and that's it!


Thank you for reading! have a nice day😉



gracias for appreciating❤

Very cool to follow the step by step of how it was done!
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