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So i have been thinking about how to get a larger club together that starts off in spl, td, glg and illuvium but until the fund is at least 50% stable coin pools to produce steady income to invest in new assets and not only crypto so it will have crypto first like a reserve of btc/wbtc with short futures contract so its a synthetic mine or btc firehose with no priciple reist bc of the hedge. also half of the stable coin income is reinvested in the lps to constantly grow the amount of assets and size of deals that can be done bc eventually we will be able to buy into things like panterra capital LP, start ups, traditional real estate stndicates to provide good returns my last ones did 40% IRR or 2.2X equirt multiple and no tax owed as well as losses from accelerated dep the passive parts of the crypto businesss which will keep income down which is important. I mean income not cash flow bc you want cash flow just no taxes. The club will be offset tax focueed to elimiinating as much tax as possible via credits, deductions, tax friendly investments, investments that you can defer taxes with like using a broker to take margin loans to x % insread of leaning actual cash to partners or other entities one can jsut expand the cash up to a pre set leverage ratio. Also will be using aql, SOL, AVAX, ETH, Poygon, IOTEX, WINK just because i have 20 bucsk of it which i may throw 200 at it as that was one that turned 59 to 5000 same with BTT so maybe 200 there to just for me not part of the fund. The main mission of the fund will be capital prservation of the stable coins as well as growth of that stable coin engine as it will be used to drive the acquisitions of all over assets and trade plans but the important thing is that the stable coins will always be increasing and 50% of cpaital gains etc each moneth are rei invested in stable coins as well or other stbale cashflow to be able to buy crypto daily and not just a tiny amount at least a few hundred bucks to dca in. We would also set up various experimental mining operaitons like file coin is one i want to edpo=lor bc ihave a bunch of computers and ahrd drives non used if it can mine profitabley why not and not many ppl now abot it so maybe i can provide a serivce by showing ppl and preparing a NFC card so i can tap my inocom in the phone and they will have it all just like with my reeral stie im going to go around talking and tappling ppls phones to put in my ontract with all the SPL stuff and build up a network i can tap for group buys as well and keep growing that so i can become = ideally a very small but powerful guild alliance with each member playing like 20 guilds and we ally together to pool reards cards in the guild bank and card rental bank. There will be no rental cost in terms of sending money but members must stake and vote X per BCX based on the coin and they get a 50% discount. Thre will be a pricing model that applys a exponenial staking amount from 0-10 or what ever level. Single cards will be sold and max versions bougtht knowing what i know now that i will need all of that to compete and be able to do my first two solo guilds which should be fund to get all the merrits all the sps , all the dec and i can use this exra to build my dream of a SPlinterlands Fund that will be eventually for all but first it will be open to everryone but there will be a 10K min. Afer that there will be a second round but that will be a rev share up to 3X with the companies ability to terminate at anytime by paying up though the date (no canceling y1) at 35% of cashflow and until its paid off the split will be 45% to BCKC Capital LLC and the capital contribution is a note that must be paid back euqal to the collection and assets i have in game and glg and td. The loan will be to the extent others cant contribute yet and the loan will be a revenue share that starts off at 25% of revenue and after 3 years jumps to 50% until 5X is paid back next we will look to replace the rev share. I will used 2.5X to fund a 5% revolving credit line to the fund so it can be as flexitbel as it needs to be and the otehr 2.5 million will be paid out to me for the years of work and assets ive put in. Also the club will own some special things and the first ppl given a opportunity are the ppl owning gold lux vega cards and these cards must be placed into a account in the fund only for you and you only have acces. The balane will be found between letting the ludes battle, vs selling shares in some for appreciation and renting the optimal amount so we get a ROI above 30% which is my lowest goal for all rentals. Packs will be bought and helf for CL -2000 more 400 bonud, TD 2000 more 400 bonus, 1000 worth of common, rare and epic as well as relaly chepa legndary rift and CL cards. Also focus on some low price other versions bc ppl will be distraced by CL which is why i want my packs then when i either flip some or open them im likely to gt all cards i need. TD im buying for now to get 200 more sps a day and each day it will goto accumulating more packs to ge more Nightmare packs and nodes. Once the GLX nodes drop see what happens to prices and sell of a few if prices rocket and i can get my cost out. Same with cards once i get them set up with NIFTYs trafking system ill see everything at a high levrel. I may also rent a few cheaper decks with them so i can farm players skill. Thre is so much opportunity to pay low wages by are standards but high by the country there playing from so there standard of living rockets and mine does to. I think the smaller players should be coming together in this alliance so we cn be the largest alliance and gils ain the game and with are purchasing power combined we can buy significant assets and for gorup purchases no fees no bs jsut straight what it costs assuming your in a alliance guild if not then its a a 10% mark up. Also since we will have so many guilds we must dominate tournaments to win as many prices as possible and if we ge a alliance of like 50 guilds with a councel of leasders who also will have a guild and then me who does have veto power over anything but will not be used unless its detramental to my org or the guild trying it will be removed. Also YGG will be are rival since the stuff they did to me was not ethical and douchebag like. For SPlinterlands TV there will be a token SPLG-Talk which will be air dropped based on how long you stream and there will be assets producing cash flow behind these to there not useless. In order to receive these tokens you must swap your SPT with SPLG-SPT which will hopeuflly eliminate SPT and replace it with SPLG-SPT a DAO where it will not mint new units excessivly bc its asset backed and will provide you cash flow and the more you stream the more you get. Also SPLG-TV-STAKE is like the concept of SPS but you stake that on a streamer and based on the streamer with te most stked on them they receive50% of the payout from cash flow , 25% to us and 25% to the audiance by time watched. Also will offer collateraol and LP pairs with incentives for these tokens. The actual LLC and DAO units owned by it will ownly be owned by myself in the beginng and then my partners SHIRO, SEXYCHIC, JOSIB, KEL will join and this time it will be all set up with agreements done. And guys I was in the hospital so thats why ive been mia from discord.

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