I Pulled A Gold Foil Legendary and didn't know it! Shopping & A Giveaway!

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Hi everyone! Happy Saturday to you all! I am here on Splinterlands, my favorite trading card game on the HIVE Blockchain! My favorite card to buy right now it Yodin Zaku! I also love all the cheap other cards right now and would love to buy them all up! What is the best deal you have found on the Splinterlands market lately? Leave your find in the comments and the person who has the best deal they bought or find will win an Untamed pack from me!

This is a very good time to buy cheap cards and sell them later on for a higher price! For bulk shopping, I like to use peakmonsters.com and for all other purchases, I like to use monstermarket.io as I can get 3% cashback instantly! In this video, I also open up some Untamed packs and actually pulled a Gold Foil legendary card but did not even notice it! LOL! It was quite funny!

Packs have been crazy cheap on https://hive-engine.com too! Today they are listed right now at .76! Not a bad price at all! Some people liked the cheap Beta packs at $2.00 but I would rather get 2 Untamed packs for the price, LOL! I hope you all have a great weekend on Splinterlands! There are a lot of fo tournaments to get into this weekend and also have a great July 4th celebration wherever you are! I will be staying inside this year but maybe I can catch a view of some fireworks from my window or front porch! See you all on the battlefield!

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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71

Splinterlands Rep

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I received that one but not in gold hahaha also Beat packs are cheap almost 2$.

Hey, nice to see some familiar faces from the tweet-spot (Twitter). lol Have a great weekend and a happy 4th (if you celebrate). I am happy today! It is my son's 3rd birthday. I have an idea of what the best deal is on the market. What is the idea behind your discord post? @clove71

I am going to note that you said best find not best buy :P. Yesterday I saw a $20 alpha max elemental phoenix up for sale by Jarunik. That is an insane deal since an elemental phoenix goes for $9 a single bcx making it cost a grand total of $72 if you buy single copies to max. So that is a BIG 72% off saving you $52! Sadly, I was not quick enough to buy it but I still believe it was an insanely good deal.

Yes ;-)


This is an amazing deal! You were the first to post about it so you win the Untamed pack!

Wow thanks a lot clove71!

Nice post... very interesting information... I'm starting in splinterlands and this kind of post help me to upgrade my cards... thanks

Buying lots of Baby Unicorn cheaper than what they get burn for after getting 3% cashback.

@tipu curate
Good job

I found an alpha maxed Spirit of the Forest which was awesome!


Some of these deals, especially on alpha's are amazing. I thought I wouldn't own many alpha cards since they were so much more expensive than beta, but not recently.


PaulTRX (@warrentrx)

that was a great buy. by the time i saw that and refreshed my page, they were all gone. congrats and snagging one

At opensea I found a golden epic card 7 usd less than the market value


Although I do not recommend this market at all, sometimes you find these things


unfortunately I did not get to buy this card at that gift price of 0.02 eth LOL