Chillin' with Splinterlands TV: What Viewers Have to Say

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Chillin' with Splinterlands TV: What Viewers Have to Say

Hey there, Splinterlands! Ever checked out Splinterlands TV (SPLTV)? It's like a hangout spot where players, streamers, and viewers gather to talk all things Splinterlands. We did a little digging to see what you awesome viewers had to say about the whole experience. Check it out!

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The Kitty has found a new home, and with it, the curtains have closed on the Summoner Summer giveaway. From February onward, we've showered our fantastic community with giveaways worth thousands of $$$, creating unforgettable moments and spreading the love.

We will be having a break from our usual, but don't you worry our 24 content is still there.


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Streamers and Their Vibes:

So, some of you are really feelin' the energy that streamers bring to the table. Like, titiro17 noticed that @cmmndrgarlic's (who is this guy> lol) got some next-level enthusiasm – seriously, what's in that guy's energy drink?

Chillin' and Winning:

Now, we can't forget the giveaways! Farfai120 and Sheloe are all about that interactive goodness. They're loving how streamers and viewers come together during these giveaways, making the whole experience a blast.


Investing Time Pays Off:

Sheloe drops some wisdom – time spent on SPLTV ain't wasted. There's something rewarding about tuning in that goes beyond just having a good time. It's like the more you watch, the more you gain. Sweet deal!

Content Vibes and What You Want:

0_002_bit002's got a point – streamers gotta bring the heat with content that clicks. You viewers are the heartbeat of SPLTV, so it makes sense that you'd want stuff you're into.

Missing Drama? Maybe...:

Lokhrodan and SoulboundCardsAreNotFree have a little craving for some drama. They're like the spice enthusiasts, adding a dash of intrigue to the mix. But hey, others are loving the drama-free zone too.

High-Fives for the Community:

PedroLargacha and kyl3yup are feeling the love from the SPLTV squad. The warm welcome and friendly vibes from both streamers and fellow viewers? That's a big win right there.

Learning and Laughs:

Caminomechilles, kaibagt, and 1WengSmith1125 are the knowledge seekers. They've picked up gameplay tips and strategy insights from SPLTV. Learning while laughing? Sounds like a win-win!


Cookin' Up Ideas:

Hold up, did someone say "bawang donut making" stream? Lokhrodan's got some creative thoughts, imagining what kinda fun and funky content could spice things up on SPLTV. Donuts and duels, anyone?

Giving Props and Big Thanks:

A_larkin36_a and godlyrich1 are sending out major props to the streamers. They're giving thanks for the heart and soul that streamers and the community pour into SPLTV. It's like a big ol' gratitude party.

So there you have it, SPLTV is this cool hangout(huge prop to @r0nd0n and the whole @splinterlands team) where you connect, learn, and vibe with the Splinterlands crew. From high-energy streamers to interactive giveaways, there's something for everyone. Keep the feedback coming, keep the fun going, and keep being awesome! Peace out!

titiro17: My thoughst on splinterlands tv: @cmmndrgarlic is crazy and he has too much energy!!! What he eats?

farfai120: My thoughts on SPLTV: it's fun to interact with streamers and viewers while winning giveaways

Sheloe: My thoughts on SPLTV: The time I have invested here has paid off in many ways.

0_002_bit002: my thoughts about spltv is that streamers will have to come up with content that viewers want to see

lokhrodan: My thoughts on SPLTV: there is not enough drama

00_deez_nutz_00: My thoughts on SPLTV: wen max ric

aPlanRG: my thoughts on spltv: are ok

000_namiswan03_000: My thoughts on SPLTV: rick is ricked

bteim: My thoughts on SPLTV: it is cool to see a wide variety of players and opinions

holdeck47: My thoughts on SPLTV: Lets keep the giveaways going!

gijishoyo: My thoughts on SPLTV: (your thoughts) has made me appreciate the intricaties of rulesets and how they interact with gameplay

SoulboundCardsAreNotFree: My thoughts on SPLTV: not enough GF kitties...

00000_kitty_00: My thoughts on SPLTV: drama, educational, fantastic.

Loltheb: My thoughts on SPLTV: great idea, make it so much easier to find content

jo_y_boy: My thoughts on SPLTV: whyneverme

mobetare: My thoughts on SPLTV: great source for SPL-related content

0000000000000000000000__1: My thoughts on SPLTV: no comment

00000SlOw_Karlz: My thoughts on SPLTV: is a friendly community

Prime GamingSkire_NJ: My thoughts on SPLTV: hope the giveaways end so the bots leave

TalesFromTheCryptMancer: My thoughts on SPLTV: a great platform to talk shop with the community 24/7

PedroLargacha: My thoughts on SPLTV: I'm new here, but all that i recevied was love and cards, lol. And streamers are very friendly and helpful. Tk you for all.

caminomechilles: My thoughts on SPLTV: I learned a lot of the gameplay thanks to spltv

kaibagt: My thoughts on SPLTV: made me laugh and enjoy the game more, most of the staff are fun and feel like a family

canada804: My thoughts on splinterlands tv: is that I appreciate the opportunity to hang out with the people I battle every day

kyl3yup: My thoughts on SPLTV: great community

000_hkinuvaime: My thoughts on SPLTV: guiding us specially newbies

a_larkin36_a: My thoughts on SPLTV: where are my channel points

3_sanjikun_3: My thoughts on SPLTV: I love the streamers(not all) and the community as well. Shout to all the streamers, to all their efforts. They are the heart and soul of SPLTV.

obifenomtugi: my thoughts on SPLTV: love the giveaways

lokhrodan: My thoughts on SPLTV: we want to see bawang donut making stream here

1WengSmith1125: My thoughts on SPLTV: I learned a lot of game play, level up my decks, sharing ideas, its a loving community,

hezakarew13: My thoughts on SPLTV: i love giveaway very helpful ^^

a_larkin36_a: my thoughts on SPLTV: #whyniverpero

GentlePusa: My thoughts on SPLTV: wala pa akong maisip kakagising ko lang eh hahaha sorry bessy

a_larkin36_a: my thoughts on SPLTV: thank you streamers. Thank you rondon. And thank you Larkin for watching my crazy head

godlyrich1: My thoughts on SPLTV: giveaway are just a bonus the streamers are the Best!!!

ZzzZzzZzzZzz_z_Zandroid64: My thoughts on SPLTV: we will miss it for the meantime

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