Splashy Banter and Watery Musings: Smash or Pass on the Enigmatic River Nymph

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Splashy Banter and Watery Musings: Smash or Pass on the Enigmatic River Nymph

Hey there, fellow Splinterlanders! Get ready for a wild ride as we dive into the latest shenanigans on SplinterlandsTV. We have unleashed another "Smash or Pass" frenzy, and the spotlight's on none other than the elusive River Nymph from the water splinter. Buckle up, 'cause it's about to get wet and wild!


Picture this: "Smash or Pass" is in full swing, and the River Nymph is taking center stage. These enchanting creatures call the rivers of the Splinterlands their home sweet home. Talk about elusive beauty, right? Shy and reclusive, they're usually doing their thing beneath the water's shimmering surface. But don't let that fool you – these nymphs are like guardian angels of the rivers!

Respecting Life and Lending a Hand:

Now, here's the deal – River Nymphs might be shy, but they've got hearts of gold. They're all about respecting life, and rumor has it, they're not shy to lend a helping hand to those in need. It's like having your own aquatic support squad, always ready to jump in when the tide turns against you.

Defenders of the River Realm:

Hold onto your tridents, folks, 'cause these nymphs are fiercely protective of their watery abodes. Threaten their rivers, and you've got a watery battle on your hands! These guardians won't hesitate to stand up for their turf. You better believe that when it comes to their homes, they're not taking any nonsense from anyone.

Chatting Up the Nymph:

Now, let's dive into the good stuff – the lively commentary from all you Splinterland TV viewers out there. We've got some serious mixed reactions going on. "mrbobhead88" ain't too sure about those legs, while "GentlePusa" is practically ready to put a ring on a smurf – who saw that one coming?

"000000000000_bigbarger" and "00000_kitty_00" can't resist the allure of the River Nymph's boots and overall sizzle. And hey, "jhuleader" and "bluepenguinfr," y'all are on the same wavelength, loving that blue-on-blue action. Oh, and "Elev8_The_Pro" is playfully sitting this one out, dropping a marriage excuse – smooth move!

Laughs and Plot Twists:

But wait, it wouldn't be a SplinterlandsTV party without some quirky twists. "KrakhenJr" throws in an age check, and "caminomechilles" is hilariously lost in the sea of comments. And that bot? Yeah, "000_tugachamp," it's passing you again – someone throw the champ a bone!

Final Verdict

According to @jabeesaints verdict it's going to be a pass on this with a little wink of smash LUL

So, there you have it – a whirlwind of splashy opinions and wild ideas on whether to smash or pass on the enigmatic River Nymph. It's like we're all dipping our toes in the river of imagination and having a good ol' time. Until the next SplinterlandsTV adventure, keep making waves, and remember, respect the rivers – you never know when a River Nymph might just come to your aid!

RAW Comments

mrbobhead88: she is a pass because the legs are weird

JabeeSaints_: Smash or Pass: Smash. I dont want her to be lonely in the river. I'm gonna dive in her. I mean, with her 😅

bteim: Smash or Pass: she is a pass because she is too blue

bluepenguinfr: Smash or pass: because she's blue ! blue is awesome

000000000000_bigbarger: Smash or Pass: smash because her boots are super sexy

GentlePusa: Smash or Pass: I want to married a smurf

titiro17: Smash or Pass: she is a pass because she is too cold

lancerino2323: Smash or Pass: I love blue power ranger
KrakhenJr: smash or pass:pass because of unknown age

000000000000_bigbarger: Smash or Pass: smash she obviously likes to get wet

jhuleader: Smash or pass: because she's blue ! blue is awesome

titiro17: Smash or Pass: she is a pass because she needs oxygen

Mondroid1337: smash or pass: it's a trap!

Elev8_The_Pro: Smash or pass: pass because I’m married

00000_kitty_00: Smash or Pass: she is a smash because shes hot for me

lokhrodan: Smash or Pass: who dont want to smash that?

godlyrich1: smash or pass: pass wtf
6-Month Subscriber (6-Month Badge)Prime Gamingffffffff_skirenj_ffffffff: Smash or pass: Tsundere material

kyl3yup: Smash or Pass: smash because she has a good personality

Addedzero_cardzero: Smash or Pass: she is a pass because too wet lol

000000000000_bigbarger: Smash or Pass: smash because she will cleanse my soul

EhmayWuntee: Smash or Pass: pass (unless gold foil)

0_002_bit002: Smash or Pass: pass because she looks too young

SoulboundCardsAreNotFree: smash or pass: pass

titiro17: Smash or Pass: she is a Smash Because I need something blue to bring it up

0038_obifenom: smash or pass: pass not my style

gijishoyo: Smash or pass: yup trap

mobetare: Smash or Pass: she is a smash because she is blue (da ba dee)

caminomechilles: Smash or Pass: im very lost now

000_tugachamp: Smash or pass: the bot always passes me

a_larkin36_a: Smash or pass: never pass always smash. Like blue hair

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