Splinterlands - SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge - Theme: Dhampir Stalker

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Hello Friends,



Another Sunday and another chance for me to write a Hive blog and as usual, here I am with another blog on Splinterlands for the SHARE YOUR BATTLE weekly challenge and this week, we have a Death Splinter monster of Dhampir Stalker as the theme monster and here I go with battle details!!!


Dhampir Stalker is the ranged attack monster from Death splinter and it's one of the powerful monsters given it's huge attack and also relatively faster compare to many other monsters.

This is one of the few monsters which have that special ability of death blow which helps in getting rid of any high health monster as this monster with death blow can blow it with double the normal attack if it's the last monster on the lineup.

Let's see more about it in Stats section!!




As I mentioned, this is a monster which is very powerful and has nice stats as below:

The ranged attack is nice One to start with 3 and goes up to 5 when it's leveled up to level 7 and 8.

The speed is on mid range side as it starts with 2 and can increase to 4 in the last 2 levels.

The health is good enough for this monster with a range of 5 to 7 health in it's 8 levels.

The abilities are it's main attraction too with this monster having couple of impressive abilities in true strike(doesn't miss any strike) and death blow (double attack if the monster is the last monster in the lineup on other side of the attack).


Battle and Lineup:



This was a mid MANA cap battle with 24 MANA cap and there was a single rule set of keep your distance, meaning, the melee attack monsters not allowed to be used in the battle.

The 24 MANA cap means, not all the slots filled out of those 6 slots and out of the 4 slots I could fill for that MANA cap, I used 2 ranged attack monsters including the theme monster of Dhampir Stalker and the lineup was as below:


1. Gelatinous Cube:

Since this was mid MANA cap battle, I thought a healing tank at the top will be a good option and used this accordingly to keep the front position intact.

2. Doctor Blight:

Used Doctor Blight to stop the healing monsters any and this was a good option against Lord A as the monster's healing ability was taken out and helped me in winning the battle.

3. Dhampir Stalker:

The theme monster was a good addition at slot 3 as it could get rid of those monsters with high profile such as Lord A, Ruler of the Seas and helped in winning the battle for me.

4. Soul Strangler:

Last, but not the least, was this poison pouring monster of Soul Stranger and it worked in tandem with Dhampir Stalker to remove the monsters one by one.

Opponent used Water splinter with monsters being Lord Arianthus, Kelp Initiate, Albatross, Ruler of the Seas, River Nymph and Mermaid Healer.



The battle was interesting one with opponent using 3 magic attack monsters and the Thaddius Brood summoner I used, made them to lose their attack by One and the ranged attack monsters combo I used, helped me to win the battle rather easily although I lost Doctor Blight in that process because of the blast attack from Ruler of the Seas.

Here I share the screenshots from the battle!!!










Questions and Answers:

Did my strategy work? What will I try differently next time?

I think usage of Gelatinous Cube at the front and usage of Dhampir Stalker were key here for me in winning this battle and other 2 monsters I used as well, had their part in this win.

Overall, winning against Ruler of the Seas is not that easy, but the summoner I used made that -1 magic attack for opponent and that too was a crucial One in the win.

Do I like DHAMPIR STALKER? Why or why not?

I use it a lot whenever there is an opportunity, although I mostly use magic and melee attack monsters whenever I use death splinter in the battles.


Another nice battle although on lower side of MANA cap, but this was another example of these challenges helping us unearth some of the monsters we might have used in lesser capacity.

Thanks as always for the support and I always appreciate those comments as well.

Wishing you all great Sunday and a nice week ahead :)

Thanks and Have a good day :)


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really liked your strong lineup with stalker

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