#05 - Bronze league with fire element for only $12.00

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Hi Splinterlanders.

Today I'm going to show you how to build a team to play the bronze league with only $12.00.

Let's start with Arnak's Dragon summoner Drake.

Drake de arnak is a Dragon Summoner that will add 1 additional shield to your monsters for battles.


I recommend that you have this summoner at lvl 2, to be able to summon stronger monsters.

As you can see below, for lvl. 2 we need 5 cards, and as shown below each one costs $0.60


Our next monster is one of the best tanks (in my opinion) in the game.

I'm talking about the rare fire monster Living Lava.

This monster in addition to having a high number of lives, and high attack power, reduces the melee attack of the enemy.
My suggestion is that you get this monster at lvl.2 too.


The value of each card is $0.44, as shown in the image below.


The next monster has an insane attack. I'm talking about the common Serpentine Spy monster. Despite having low health, its quickness, and attack damage, make it a great card for you to have in your deck.


Today on the market, each card costs U$0.26. A great cost benefit for us players.


Our next monster will be the rare fire elemental. This magic attack monster has the blast ability, which when it attacks takes life points from 2 opponents.


To have this rare monster at lvl. 2 we will also need 5 cards. As shown in the image below each card costs $0.21.


Our last monster on our list will be the Goblin Shaman. This is a great monster with magic attack, and it will help a lot in battles that prohibit melee attacks.


In order for him to have the ability to attack, we need him at lvl. 3. We will need 5 cards to have this monster at lvl.3. Each card now costs $0.90.


With the purchase of these 5 monsters, we will be able to compete very well in the bronze league with fire element monsters.

  • Drake of Arnak lvl.2 - U$3.00
  • Living Lava lvl.2 - U$2.19
  • Serpentine Spy lvl.2 - U$1.28
  • Fire Elemental lvl.2 - U$1.16
  • Goblin Shaman lvl.3 - U$4.51

We had a total cost of $12.15 to build this competitive fire element deck.

I hope you enjoyed.

To the next...

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Well done.

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