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Back to normal in the Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge this week with the Life Summoner Armorsmith Card being highlighted.

I love the Repair ability which can totally leave your opponent without a chance in the right game situation. Especially in the lower levels where there is lower damage and less Magic, this card tends to be at its best.

The Armorsmith is one of those cards that doesn't require a high level to be valuable since it's all about the Repair ability. The 3 health of a level 2 is worth the upgrade but the melee attack doesn't bring all that much extra because it is not a card to play in 1st position and can't attack unless there are very specific rules. The Beta Life Summoner also has the ability to give all monsters 1 extra armor making this the perfect combo card especially when you play a tank that also has the shield ability in the first position. Also the Armorsmith is a Promo Card and gives +10% DEC earnings, I have one with a gold foil which gives +20% DEC earnings.

The Ruleset was no Neutral Monsters & Range can attack from 1st position. I Started with the Silvershield Paladin followed by the Divine Sorceress and the combo of the Armorsmith and the Divine Healer. My line-up ended with some Ranged attack using the Thunderbird and the Peacebringer.

Solid Deck from the Opponent who played the Ruler of Seas which is one of the best cards in the game. This game was as close as it gets and the extra Armor & Healing which kept my Silvershield Paladin alive for that one hit extra made the difference. Because of the Gold Foil Armorsmith, I also picked up a ton of extra DEC. Things like this really add up in earnings at the end of the month.

Full Battle Replay

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Ahhh! I always forget I get extra DEC with gold cards! Thanks for the reminder. Nice win! 😘@carrieallen