Splinterlands | Blast Ability Challenge

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The trend of Abilities being highlighted in the Share Your Battle Challenge continues and this week it's the Blast Ability which is one of my favorites!

The Blast ability does extra damage to monsters next to what it targeted. This is extra useful when the games rules include snipe for Range and Magic damage as those will target 3 enemy monsters. This ability is generally unlocked on higher level cards and both the Fire and Water Splinter have plenty of these cards.


I bought and collected cards from the Water Splinter especially to have a Blast Oriented Deck which I often use. The game rules (Melee Sneak) were not perfect but good enough to go with an all-out Blast Line-up.

I used my Xia Seachan as Water Summoner. It is one of the cards I got early on when I got in the game as the Alric Stormbringer was more expensive while I did not have the Magic attack monsters. In the Second Position, I put the Electric Eels which I got to Level 5 just for that Blast Ability as it combines well with Melee buffs. The Ruler Of Seas is one of the best cards in the game and I mostly missed out on getting it from rewards as it was nearly fully printed when I started playing. I did recently pick up a Level 3 card for around ~18$ which I haven't regretted yet. The Pirate Archer I did pick up from rewards in the past and it remains an excellent 2 mana card. In the last 2 spots came the Crustacean King and the Pirate Captain. The first gives healing and Armor while the 2nd gives inspire and also often attacks the 2nd card of the opponent

I was faced with a quite strong opponent who had Level 10 cards and somewhat countered my 1st 2 cards as he had the double demoralize ability. I honestly didn't expect to win as it's rare to get wins against players with way more expensive card collections. I skipped watching the game and was surprised to see I had won which made me look back at the battle. The Blast ability certainly was put to good use.

Full Battle Replay

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