Splinterlands | Goblin Mech Challenge

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One of the older reward cards I still regularly use is highted in this week's Share Your Battle Challenge every time. This is the Gobling Mech...

The Goblin Mech is one of the few cards I have at Level 7 (I actually just leveled it up from Level 6) and can use with 2 summoners (Water & Dragon). It is one that is very useful on the lower levels because of the heavy damage with the Piercing Ability. On higher levels, it is very vulnerable for Magic Damage but still very useful in matches with the "No Magic' or 'Magic hits Armor first' Rules in case the mana cap is high because it costs 10 Mana to play. Overall an excellent value card that everyone should have in their collection. The Stun ability recently also got an upgrade because of the new game rules giving each card the Knock Out ability doubling the damage to stunned monsters.

I used the card in a match with "Fog Of War" and "No Magic" rules and 99 Mana Cap. This is all about playing high Mana tank cards who have some defense and do a lot of damage themselves. I used the Life Summoner because the extra armor is most useful in this battle.

The Goblin Mech is probably one of the better cards to play in the first position. I followed it up with the 8 Mana Chain Golem and the 7 Mana Silvershield Assasin who both have High Damage and enough Defense despite not being able to attack from anywhere but the 1st position. The last 3 cards were tank ranged monsters. the Evangelist gives the 3 Melee cards extra attack while doing 4 damage itself, the Cyclops has 3 attack and excellent defense while the Cornealus is a 10 Mana Card with heal. (I should have put that in 4th position)

The battle itself was quite crazy because I had 8 misses and got stunned almost every time making it that my 1st 2 melee cards never attacked. The very poor line-up from the opponent based on the rules never caused any issue to get the win though.

Full Battle Replay

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