I guess you've invested a lot if you're playing in the top of the top so you've got a right to pissed off - stagnant player based and all.

If yer more of a C2 to C1 player then the Mantoid ain't so bad - L6 a lot cheaper than some of the other snipe options, albeit heavy on mana. It can be useful down here, with heavy mana and a legendary summoner:

Nice match!

I'm playing the top of the Gold league deliberately staying there instead of progressing to diamond/champion so completing the daily quest is easy (and less frustrating of an experience) since you are given an 80% win rate instead of a 40% when trying to reach higher. I mostly want the game to be fun and am disappointed in the extreme pay2win direction it has gone all aside from the rewards which are still great. In 90%+ of the matches, skill is a total non-factor and there is just no way Splinterlands is ever going to get adopted by real gamers. What worries me the most is that devs still think things are great with the game while it totally fails to onboard new users.

You don't need to show me that graph - I'm well familiar with it.

It's like DCity - it's just people's 'spare Steem and Hive' money - that's Splinterlands - I mean would you spend $1000 to get a decent starter deck, of course you fucking wouldn't!

I feel sorry for anyone whose bought a tract or a region, I think they're in for a shock when they find out how little demand there is for land - I mean let's face it, everyone who plays has already bought a few plots for themselves.

The only hope is that if BTC moons hard, they'll be more people going nuts for the best known game on a blockchain. That's a possibility.

Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Man at least this one has snare hahaha, at least you use one.