Splinterlands | Nectar Queen Challenge

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The weeks are passing by quickly but I enjoy joining the Share Your Battle Challenge every time. This week the Nectar Queen Card is Highlighted...

The Nectar Queen is one of the current common reward cards which pretty much everyone is getting who is playing the game. It's worth around 0.013$ and I'm slowly grinding out 100 of them to get it up to Level 6 which gives the Retaliate ability. Currently, with around 15% of all the Nectar Queen cards in circulation, I'm at Level 4 so I should comfortably make it to level 6 without having to buy one on the market.

The individual game rules perfect for this card is a combination of "Earthquake" (Fyl Monsters get no 2 damage at the end of each round) and the "Even Ones Out" which only allows cards with an odd mana number. The Earth Summoner is quite good for this having 2 flying odd cards along with the combination Mushroom Seer & Javelin Thrower which counter both Armor and Magic.

The rules for the game I played with the Nectar Queen was Armored Up giving each Card 2 extra Armor. I played the Earth Summoner mostly to counter the opponent was likely to play a quite heavy Magic Dec.

For as far as the line-up goes, the Nectar Queen is a classic 1st position tank with plenty of health & Good Melee attack. I followed it up with the Prismatic Energy to bypass the Armor and reflect the opponent his damage attack from the strong ruler of Seas. In the 3rd spot, I choose for the Screeching Vulture to kill off some of the lower health cards while letting it gain some health during the match because of the Scavenger ability. I put the Wood Nymph in a safe 4th spot to ensure my Nectar Queen would get some heal. The Magic Seer is perfect as a counter for the magic heavy opponent and the Spirit Shaman in the last spot fitted for the 4 mana cost which was left potentially stunning the big tank from the opponent while having quite some survivability.

Full Battle Replay

All cards used (aside from the summoner) were actually rewarded cards I got from completing Daily quests which show they are not underpowered and very much capable of winning matches.

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