Splinterlands | No Attack Challenge

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It's a special edition of the Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge this week as cards with no Attack are being highlighted.

Cards with No Attack whatsoever at times can be really useful as they both provide buffs for your own cards or have a negative impact on your opponent's cards. On top of this, tend to have quite some health and absorb damage keeping other cards alive longer. These are most of the no-damage cards currently in the game.

The higher mana cards, I usually use in 2nd position to counter snipe ability from the opponent. My personal favorites that I tend to use the most are:

  1. Golden Furious Chicken
  2. Lord Arianthus Level 3
  3. Albatros Level 6
  4. Gelatinous Cube Level 6

You generally don't want to use more than 1 of these no attack cards in your line-up.

The rule for the game was "no magic" and I choose the Zintar Mortalis death summoner which has the -1 Melee ability. The Goblin Mech was my first card as a big Melee Tank with armor. In the second place, I put my Haunted Spirit which protects against Blast as it has self-healing. The Gelatinous Cube as the first non-melee card with no attack I used to protect against snipe while also protecting my 3 ranged cards. The Twisted Jester | Octopider | Cyclops combine a huge 10 ranged damage each round while also protecting my deck against sneak while further limiting the opponent his Melee attacks.

The opponent made some poor choices adding 2 No attack cards and only melee cards of which only the first was able to attack. It turned out in a clear win where all my cards stayed alive.

Full Battle Replay

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