Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

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Hey, @costanza!
Glad to see ya still around
Sorry your still sad.
But also glad that we offer the option for you to sell all our cards if you wish. 😍
I'm personally STOKED about the future of Splinterlands, all our upcoming (in the works) partnerships, and blockchain in general.

You should come play at DYGYCON this Saturday.
It's pretty fun in the environment, plus, you may find another game or a new friend.

I'm not planning to sell my cards anytime soon as I do believe the game will do pretty well. It's just that after over a year of playing daily with the initial challenge of getting to know all the cards while collecting more, it feels like there is little to no challenge to the game itself anymore mostly because of the matchup system which makes it feel like skill is totally neglectable. I want to outplay opponents or get outplayed learning something in the process instead of playing matches where the winner is known before the match even started. That is really my only frustration with the game at the moment.

I'll check out DYGYCON