Crypto Zard X Beccss X Clayboyn Tournament Invterview With GIVEAWAYS

in Splinterlands4 months ago


Splinter fam we have an amazing tournament stream planned for you guys today. We have an amazing special guest who is a current man of mystery right now ... @clayboyn.

We thought the best way we could give @clayboyn an interview was to make him a tournament host with us. We will be asking him all the questions you guys have been waiting to ask but we will also be asking him what his plans are for the future of tournaments if he gets into his new role.

As always, we will be doing our normal giveaways but as we have a special guest we will also be giving out some Choas legion packs.

If you're not battling in the tournament we will have something for everyone so if you do not follow us on Twitch the link is below.

Stream link:

The stream starts at:

4pm GMT

Tournament link:


I'll be there for sure!

Thanks for sharing! - @azircon

Looking forward to the interview.

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