3 Chaos Legion Packs in a Row! - Splinterlands Season Rewards Opening #46

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Welcome to the newest Splinterlands Season Rewards opening video! I have finished another season in the Diamond 2 league, but this time it was a bit "easier" than in the previous seasons... I hope that this means that maybe in some of the next ones, I can reach Diamond 1! Until now, I will try to level up cards and prepare myself...

In this video, the first minute of the opening was awesome! I got 3 Chaos Legion packs from 5 chests in the first row?! Luckily, the continuation was also great and I got some other awesome cards...

Check out the video for more details...

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Very lucky that you have gotten three chaos legion pack in a row from the loot chest as season rewards, but may last season and this season is end with only potion and credit, no cards! Its hurt me at bronze II level finished season without cards from reward chest. Thanks for sharing your exciting rewards chest.