Splinterlands - PKM Token Analysis

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In this video we talk about PeakMonster's new token PKM. I thought I'd do something a little different to the content that I've seen thus far and instead of just reading through the whitepaper, talk about what aspects of the tokenomics will shape it's future, and what that will mean for you as a holder.

Firstly we briefly cover what the PKM token is and the utility it will provide. Then we take a deep dive into some of the reasons why I believe this project will succeed and provide value moving forwards.

We touch on distribution, vesting and inflation, burning mechanisms, and the teams willingness to add utility.

Overall, I think this is a fantastic initiative that Jarvie and the team have put together and with a free airdrop creating further value were there was none, I believe this project is going to be a winner!

Official PKM Token Announcement:

PKM Whitepaper:

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was fun to watch a more technical analysis.
It'll be interesting to see what happens later today... we obviously haven't mentioned too many of the future features we're planning but we have the tournaments and then the diesel pool product has rewards coming out.

I was thinking recently about the subject of speculation on the token and so now you get my brain dump since i'm thinking through it and don't want to make a post of my own haha... though speculation is interesting the fun and liberating part for our team is that we don't really need to get people pumped up to buy the tokens because it really is a utility token it's not our job to sell people tokens... it's our job to make really cool products and reward our users with a token that will allow them access to those upcoming products. (And those tokens don't even go to us when we make the products... they get burned or go back into airdrop pool)

So i know people really would want to know what more utility they'll have. I was listening on @luke-wtp show the other day and his guests were asking that as well but they were asking in order to properly speculate price. The interesting thing is that users who use our marketplace will get the PKM they need to use the features anyway so if we promoted those utilities now it seems like it only benefits early buyers of the tokens which shouldn't be our concern... I guess it maybe influences people buying on our site as well then that will motivate to share a few more features. But I think we'll wait a little bit until we a better roadmap.

Anyway thought i'd share a few thoughts.

Great breakdown! !PIZZA

Great overview of the PKM token. Thank you for the video. !1UP


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