BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! / Up to Eleven.

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This time, I will show the most relevant battle I had under the Up to Eleven condition, which allows you to amplify the damage to certain types of abilities or attacks. During this battle, the Lost Magic condition was also present, meaning that no magic cards could be used in the battle, which would make everything more complicated for me. On the other hand, the maximum mana of the battle was 43.

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My strategies are usually based on magic cards, but this time I used a strategy that also gives good results, so I used melee attack cards plus Coastal Sentry to produce double attack and activate the Trample ability of the summoner Possiblus The Wise. In the first position would be Sea Monster, as it can increase its life, and in the back I also placed another healing card.


The team was organized as follows: in the first place, Venari Marksrat would be a decoy card, because it would receive the first attacks, and when destroyed, its ability would allow Sea Monster to increase its stats in battle. In the third position, Coastal Sentry would fulfill a very important function, because it would produce double attacks from the second position.

In the next position would be Merdaali Guardian, which would be the healing card of the team, then I placed Deeplurker, this card is very versatile because it can attack from any position, finally, in the sixth position, Swamp Spitter, this card is very useful because it attacks from a distance and can use the shield to protect its allies.

While my opponent used: Keyla Frendul, Serpent of Eld, Noa The Just, Kulu Mastermind, Clockwork Aide, Swamp Spitter and Deeplurker.



Link to the battle Splinterlands web:

At the beginning, I had a lot of expectation and confidence in my team's performance, as I had previously had good results in advanced leagues with a similar team, but my opponent's team was also tough, mainly Serpent of Eld and Kulu Mastermind.

  • In the first two rounds, both teams were resilient, but I lost two cards to Venari Marksrat and Merdaali Guardian. From my point of view, I had already foreseen that Venari Marksrat would be eliminated, but I didn't think that Merdaali Guardian would be destroyed. From that moment on, I lost the ability to heal my team's cards.

  • During the third round, Serpent of Eld was destroyed on my opponent's side, and Sea Monster was destroyed on my team. From that point on, my opponent managed to take the upper hand in the battle.

  • In the fourth round, Swamp Spitter was destroyed, and then they managed to finish off my team by destroying Coastal Sentry and Deeplurker.







My strategy during this battle I considered very good, even though I probably wouldn't benefit from the Up to Eleven condition, but without a doubt my opponent created a better strategy and crushed me. He was accurate and finished with cards that had useful abilities for my team, but as you can see in this battle, the performance was bad, but it's the only battle I have under this condition.


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The images were captured from the Splinterlands.


I hope I have fulfilled your expectations and that you have enjoyed watching my publication.

Written in Spanish and translated with (free version)


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