derfabs Card Giveaway #24

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For the next year, I will be giving away one card every day to Peakd community members.

Today's Card is: Portal Spinner



To participate in the giveaway, you can:

  • leave ONE comment under this post

  • like the post

  • reblog the post

Each one will give you one entry, for a maximum of 3 entries per person!
If your Splinterlands username is different from here, please comment your name.

Yesterday's Winner: @dafusa


Notification List:

@abdelkadir, @acidosis, @alexis666, @amaari, @amaillo, @arkasz, @arpuch, @asasel@asdfghjkiraaa, @asrullpare, @auxous, @bacon-dub, @beelmukjj, @bitandi, @bladesong, @blitzbunny, @blitzzzz, @bokica80, @caimanx, @calcalcal, @caliban400, @candnpg, @chaosbug, @cibi, @cimmeron27, @circlebubble, @cjames-40, @cmasta25, @c01n-d0z3r, @csjames25, @cutedawako, @dafusa, @dagz, @davideownzall, @deathstarer7, @demonicblow, @dewabrata, @diochen, @dstampede, @dub-c, @ecto1337, @eijibr, @eirth, @eternalpaw, @evanr, @exator, @failingforward, @fingosluk, @flummi97, @freemonster, @genming, @gessy, @ghostlybg, @highfist, @ianballantine, @imno, @instamental, @irisworld, @jdike, @jhonasanagon, @jingo-submo, @jmehta@kheldar1982, @koodies, @koukou21, @lipe100dedos, @litrydow, @lofone, @lordanquek, @lorddiablo, @lordflu, @losgemanos, @lovefallen, @luizeba, @lxsxl66, @maggotmilk, @marleyroots, @mattlafourcade, @mcrahman91, @michupa, @mrbravo99, @mr-house, @mrwildfire, @mryoung1979, @mxm0unite, @myeong, @myothuzar, @nex711, @ninosplinter, @noctury, @nysster, @onefapman, @original135, @packagedmilk, @pandachef, @pero82, @portalmonsters, @ramadhanight, @reagept, @redco, @redeculous, @relf87, @rentaw03, @ringo95, @rokem028, @rondonshneezy, @sabujdip, @satorihime25, @schradz, @screamheart, @seeweed, @shawnmichael-gt, @sheikh27, @sheikhzaman, @siberian12, @sideswipe81 , @sigmon, @silentwill, @sindular, @smokrthou, @spryquasar, @squishna, @stamato, @stdd, @stephenac, @stekene, @subidu, @submo, @sunnrider, @tabs1250, @tengolotodo, @theacks, @thetrader11, @thurawinkyaw, @tinyputerboy,@trashyomen, @tugboattt, @txracer, @urkanon, @waynechuasy, @wilmo30, @WokeEnochian, @yasky, @vaynard86, @vrezyy, @xg4028, @zakludick61

If you don't want to be in this list anymore, just leave a comment saying "remove me from the notification list" and you will be removed.

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As always, donations to @derfabs are always appreciated, and if you are just starting out with Splinterlands, consider using my referral link :)

You can also always comment !hivebits to mine some HBIT

Have a great day everyone!

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Count me in, big thanks , my IGN: @caimanx

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Hello, mate! Please, count me in for the giveaway!!

IGN: @luizeba


Count me in @silentwill

Count me in man!

Dont forget to join mine as well <3

count me in

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Count in me sir

Count me in again please! @arpuch


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Please vote for pizza.witness!

If he won it, I'll make fanart for the Splinterlands contest.

Count me in the giveaway. @gregory-f

Count me in, @eijibr


Count me in 😊 @blitzzzz

count me in

Thanks for the giveaways. Please count me in.

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Good luck, all.


Ign rondonshneezy

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I would like to participate. Have a nice monday.

wow i finally won here. i want to win again i like my name on post. sheeesh

Count me in plz

Count me in, please!

@jdike loves to be included in this giveaway

count me in @jmehta

Count me in ;) @ghostlybg

Great giveaway thanks, count me in please @tengolotodo

Thanks for the giveaway

Count me in please! @lorddiablo

Count me in again, please. Many thanks - Ian :)< @ianballantine

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Count me in again! @lofone

Please count me in! @lordanquek

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