Splinterlands daily 2x common card Giveaway #433

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Welcome to my daily giveaway!

Hello there Splinterlands community!

I raffle 2 common cards everyday 2 rare cards or somtimes better on the weekends!
2 winners each 1 card.

for this giveaway you can choose one of the following cards:

Servus an die D-A-CH Community!

Ich verlose jeden Tag 2 Common Karten und am Wochenende jeweils 2 Rare Karten oder auch mal besser.2 Gewinner je 1 Karte.

Für dieses Giveaway kannst du dir eine der folgenden Karten aussuchen:


Rules for this giveaway:

  • Comment on this post what card do you want from the ones in the picture

  • If your Splinterlands username is not the same as here, put it in the comment

  • You don't need to upvote, follow or reblog, but is greatly appreciated (such as beer, pizza, luv, etc.) and will help increase the rewards of future giveaways

  • Your reputation level needs to be 25 or higher.

  • Only one single comment per Splinterlands account will be eligible.

  • For choosing the winner i will be using https://hivetools.up.railway.app/picker/... and Yes the Winner will receive the chosen card in the following 24h!

Thanks for participating and good luck! 🍀
See you all on the Splinterlands battlefield!🏹

Wie es funktioniert:

  • Kommentiere den namen der Karte die du haben möchtest.

  • Schreibe deinen Splinterlands Namen ebenfalls ins Kommentar, damit ich dir die Karte schicken kann wenn du gewinnst.

  • Du musst mir nicht folgen oder upvoten, jedoch freue ich mich sehr über jeden neuen
    Follower, Upvotes sowie über PGM PIZZA LOLZ usw. bei den Kommentaren und hilft
    mir um in Zukunft bessere Preise bei den Giveaways zu verlosen.

  • Dein Reputationslevel muss mindestens 25 sein.

  • Du kannst pro Splinterlands Account nur 1x Teilnehmen.

Der Gewinner wird per Zufall mittels https://hivetools.up.railway.app/picker/... gewählt und erhält seine Karte innerhalb 24 Stunden.

Vielen Dank fürs Teilnehmen und Viel Glück!🍀
Wir sehen uns auf dem Schlachtfeld! 🏹

Last Winners ( Letzte Gewinner):



Previous Participants (Letzte Teilnehmer): @harharhar, @ladymisa, @flummi97, @stamato, @meme.bot, @blitzzzz, @rtonline, @gs1, @monsterbuster, @vaynard86, @skoumpri, @gregory-f, @outwars, @arc-echo, @pirulito.zoado, @alexis666, @smallcircle, @subidu, @henruc, @logen9f, @lolzbot, @hivegifbot, @pizzabot, @paparman, @akiraymd, @splinterboost, @daethical, @olaf.gui, @bbhbot, @esbat, @alfrin, @noctury,

Have fun playing splinterlands guys and see you there on the Battlefield!

If you not into Splinterlands right now you can join HERE!

--- No financial advice! D.y.o.r. before Invest ---


Merdhampir please!

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They both measure wait.

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Merdhampir please. IGN outwars

count me in

@dk1trade! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @logen9f. (6/20)

Count me in

Thank you for the prize!

Count me in for vampire bat

ign @olaf.gui

Please count me in. Thanks



I want to be part of the winners, take me into account.

my nickname is @alfrin

my desired card ES gargoya lion

Count me in please

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count me in


blood maker

Hi, merdhampir @freed99

Thank you for the Merdhampir card! I'll try for the Vampire Bat this round.

Count me in ^^ @subidu

Ever-Hungry Skull plz! @esbat

gargoya lion
Congrats to the winner!!
Please add me to the new giveaway!

count me in @jfang003 !PIZZA


count me in again

Venari heatsmith @flummi97

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ever hungry skull
im in @gs1

count me in, please. @circlebubble

blood maker
please add me in this giveaway

add me pls @ladymisa :) bloodmaker

Count me in again 👍🏻 Thanks! @blitzzzz


Count me in please

Please count me in for the VENARI HEATSMITH @arc-echo 😄

count me in
vampire bat

Thanks for the chance!




Count me in my ign : @rtonline
Good luck to you all.