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The ruleset for this week's challenge


  • Up to Eleven - All units have the Amplify ability

The ruleset that I managed to get


  • Rulesets - Keep Your Distance & Up to Eleven
  • Mana Cap - 99
  • Active Elements - image.png image.png image.png image.png


Here's my starting lineup

Summoner: Immortalis

  • With this weeks challenge the specific summoners you would like to go with are Lir Deepswimmer, Mylor Crowling, Ilthain or Owater Rotwell
  • All of these summoners give either a Thorns, Return Fire or Magic Reflect to all for your monsters which paired with Amplify is so strong
  • In my case I only had Mylor Crowling who I could have picked but as Keep Your Distance ruleset was active I went with Immortalis
1st Position: Prismatic Energy

  • Main reason I like Prismatic Energy here a lot is hes Magic Reflect ability
  • Magic Reflect - When hit with a magic attack, does reduced magic damage back to the attacker
2nd Position: Kron the Undying

  • Love this card so much
  • For 3 mana you get 2 melee damage (with Sneak), 2 speed, 1 armor and 2 hp
  • Sneak - Targets the last unit on the enemy Team instead of the first unit
3rd Position: Mushroom Seer

  • As Keep Your Distance was active, Mushroom Seer's one and only purpose was his Silence ability
  • Silence - Reduces the magic attack of all enemy units
4th Position: Wood Nymph

  • Next up in line is this lovely healer card
  • Even tho you don't get a lot of stats for 4 mana you do get the Tank Heal ability which I really like
  • Tank Heal - Restores a portion of the unit in the first position's health each round
5th Position: Goblin Psychic

  • And another healer just cause why not
  • Even tho he costs 2 mana more then Wood Nymph you get a bit better stats
  • Tank Heal - Restores a portion of the unit in the first position's health each round
6th Position: Mycelic Slipspawn

  • Mycelic Slipspawn was my backline tank for this battle
  • Also hes has some quite amazing stats being 2 magic damage, 2 speed and 11 hp
  • Alongside the amazing stats is hes Taunt ability
  • Taunt - All enemy units target this unit(if they are able to)


Starting board


  • The starting board didn't really say anything other than he went more a ranger build than magic which I mostly tried to counter
  • But I was still hopeful


Here's how the battle went

1st Round


  • 1st Round was so huge for me
  • I killed two of his monsters and my Mycelic Slipspawn tanked all of my enemies 1st Round damage so I was in a very good position
2nd Round


  • After 2nd Round my board was still looking almost as healthy as in the beginning
  • In 2nd Round I also killed two of my enemies monsters and he only got my Mycelic Slipspawn
  • At that point I was sure that I was going to win this battle
3rd Round


  • It took me 1 round to kill my enemies last two standing monsters
  • After they were fallen I took the victory
  • Battle Replay Link



  • This battle was definitely heavily one sided but still fun to watch
  • Even tho you cant really see it in this battle the strategy to take away is to use summoners who grant your monsters either Thorns, Return Fire or Magic Reflect to pair with Amplify
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Thanks for reading and thanks for all the upvotes, reblogs, comments and follows. And till the next challenge, KEEP BATTLING!


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