Splinterlands HQ Costume Contest Entry: Salt Buster

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Hello salt squad ready to meet your worst nightmare, I present to you Drabs the salt buster.
Be on the lookout for this menacing presence as he will dissolve even the most fearsome of the salt golems into mere kernels.

He can be found lurking in a stream near you, so salt specialists beware. You don't know when your time to be refined will come.

Ready To Refine Some Salt.png
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This is my entry for the @splinterlandshq costume contest on Oct 29th. Had an absolute blast getting all this ready and making this article.

The party is gonna be legendary and I cannot wait to have an awesome time with you all. Salt buster Drabs will be there ready to party and refine any salty citizens that get outta hand. My twitch name is Drabs587.

Congrats on 1000 Followers on twitch @splinterlandshq and @walkingkeys you guys have been absolutely killing it and taking the community to new heights. Thank you both so much for all you do for this wonderful community.
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Shoutout to @cmmndrbawang for providing the salt golem without his artistic talents I wouldn't have had the idea to make these graphics.

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Feeling generous any donations will go to supporting me and the stream thanks for being awesome.


Hey buddy! Most excellent post. Appreciate your passion for the @splinterlands game and the NoSleepGang community! Have some !PIZZA on behalf of the GANG.

!giphy excellent

This is pretty epic! OMG! I can't tell you how happy this makes me!

Dude this is amazing! the inflatable proton pack is the MVP of this photo. It's sick bro! damn amazing!

Who you gonna call?

Salt Buster!!!!

Cool costume fam.


That is a great picture Drabs. I'm laughing so hard!

Drabs I love this!!! So clever. Well done, friend!

Excellent work!!

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@drabs587 You killed it bro this is awesome work. I like your idea get those salts in the town. 😂