Weekly Battle Challenge - Life Sapper

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This week we will be taking a closer look at a battle from one of my favorite splinters, death. This card is personally not on most of my battle lineups because IMO there is a better version that is cheaper in the Venari Bonesmith.

Life Sapper_lv4.png

I play mine at level 4 because that is when this things starts to do a little damage. Paired with a Bonesmith and a Revealer I manage to bring a decent magic team for dirt cheap and lots of status effects.


Lineup Selection

It was a little league battle with all but white available to play. I didn't look at the opponents recent battles because of the wide variety of splinters available. I made the decision the try to load up as much magic as possible. I lead with a small tank that has shield in hopes to keep it alive long enough to let my life leachers build up. Next I put up what I hoped would be a tank that might get a decent amount of health through scavenge. After the first two meat shields I tried to put out as much damage as I could, looking to favor magic and status effects. Revealer is strong with 2 magic at level 3 and the ability to stun. Soul strangler was a damage mined selection. I rounded the team off with my life leachers and poisoner.



Seeing the opponents lineup I felt confident that as long as I could get through the first round without too many causalities I would be walking away a victor.

Round 2


Going into round 2 I had lost my Soul Strangler but had managed to take out their self healing tank and could see that it was only a matter of time before the magic attack would lay waste to the much lower health monsters left opposite me. The opportunity and sneak attacks were still of mild concern but I had high hopes of building up a another hit point with life leech before they would all fall.

Round 3


There was still a lot of opportunity damage on the board the was going to quickly dispatch my back line if my mages didn't work quickly. Doing the quick math at the beginning of the round I could see I would at least move the worm to the first position, meaning I would keep both magic users alive long enough to find victory.

Battle Rewind

Without a single poison or stun this low mana magic team shredded through a strong melee team filled with opportunity attackers. The dual tank strategy up front worked well and I managed to drain enough life to keep my magic users alive long enough to feast on the low hit point monsters all thanks to the minus 1 hit point debuff from Thaddius.


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Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Nice lineup! Thanks for sharing!