BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge - Earthquake

Hello friends, last week was very busy and, unfortunately, I did not spend as much time on my favorite game as I wanted, but this morning I had a few free hours, so I decided to hurry and make my contribution to the new round of BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge with the Earthquake rule.

There's a lot of flying monsters in the game that can give you a big advantage over your opponent, and Snare cards can be pretty damn useful, but one of the combos with the new neutral archer was pretty effective, so I'm happy to share it.

So, my lineup:


One of my favorite summoners in the game. His ability to let his allies poison enemy cards is awesome and I've been using him in 9 out of 10 Day Tricks for the element of Death :)


With its high speed and ability to repel damage from archers, this card performs well in the first position. In addition its Flying ability makes it very useful with Earthquake rule.


The archer I was talking about above. It's actually a necessary sacrifice that her neighbors get a bonus to their parameters because of her MARTYR ability. As long as she's not killed by Earthquake or the enemy sniper, she's still capable of doing some damage within a couple of moves.


A powerful but very slow monster with a huge amount of health. Once given the ability to poison enemy cards by his summoner, he becomes very dangerous and even if left as the last card he can hold out for a very long time. He can't be bothered with an earthquake thanks to his Flying ability :)

My opponent opted for Fire, so he staked his melee attacks, augmented by TARSA, and used a couple of great flying archers, SPARK PIXIES and TOWER GRIFFIN, as well as, not knowing that it worked to my advantage, he had SERPENTINE SPY in his lanup, attacking my weakest card, which I was already preparing as a victim.

I got rid of my opponent's first card in the first round and was very happy when my plan came to fruition and in the second round his SERPENTINE SPY destroyed my VENARI MARKSRAT.

My remaining pair of cards got a nice attack bonus, so now I just had to wait for Earthstorm to take out his LIVING LAVA, and the fast and dangerous SPARK PIXIES to come out on top, where they can't attack from :)

The third round was the last for the enemy and the poisoning along with the earthquake perfectly handled a couple of his melee cards, leaving the archers unprotected...

Watch The Battle

It would have been much more interesting if my opponent had used the BRIGHTON BLOOM summoner, giving his allies the Flying ability or used the first two positions with a more effective card with a strong attack and great speed, and VENARI MARKSRAT placed between his archers could have played a cruel joke on me, but luck was on my side and was very pleased to see once again that the new MARTYR ability is pretty damn cool!

See you on the battlefield!

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Great post drunksamurai about you Splinterlands game! I love reading about the flying monsters! They sound scary lol but fun. Thank you for your interesting game with the Earthquake rule. Have a great week! Barb 😊

Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121