Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge - Dragons & Lily Shieldpaw

Hello friends! The Chaos Legion era in Splinterlands has come to an end, and today saw the long-awaited airdrop of the final card, the legendary Dragon Elemental Summoner, Lily Shieldpaw. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one, so I decided to try some strategies with it and also take part in the new Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge.

Despite its extremely cute appearance, this summoner is quite dangerous! With his Camouflage ability and his talent for healing cards on the backline, he can be a serious threat in battles with a lot of mages and archers, so now long range fans have a great opponent!

I was facing a very tough opponent with CONQUEROR JACEK and three very strong archers - Gargoya Devil, Fire Elemental and a chaotic Blood Maker, so I was curious to see how well the new card would perform.

So, my lineup:

Goblin Mech

Since the combat rules had Fury and a ban on using legendary cards, my choice for the first position was a classic Goblin Mech. Plenty of health, strong shield, good attack - what else do you need to keep your opponent at bay while my archers and mages do their thing?

Arkemis The Bear

I can't do much with extra shield protection, so I try to find a place for this bear when my mana allows me to. Also, if Goblin Mech gets out of the game quickly, he'll need a decent replacement.

Queen Of Crows

Since my favorite elemental is Death as an ally, I gave Queen Of Crows the next position. It's an excellent archer with the ability to attack from the first position, and the amount of health gives a certain advantage and justifies the high cost of the summoning.

Sand Worm

I intuited that the enemy is using a few strong archers, so Sand Worm was next in line to attack the rear. Despite its low speed, it's a very strong and dangerous card!

Runic Skyclaw

Snipers can be very useful, and I already used Queen Of Crows to enhance the attack on the first position, so the fifth position went to Runic Skyclaw, a very strong archer who gets the Cripple ability and becomes even more dangerous.


The more advantages the better, so the last position went to Octopider archer, whose ability reduces the quality of enemy attacks. It's very useful in case your opponent's first couple of positions are occupied by strong melee cards.

Thanks to his high speed, his opponent held up well in the first two rounds, even destroying my Goblin Mech, but the Summoner treated my Sand Worm, which had taken quite a beating, and managed to increase his chances of winning in the third round.

The fourth round saw a numerical advantage, with Runic Skyclaw doing a great job and the summoner tending to his wounded.

....and in the fifth round it became clear that victory was inevitable, with the opponent's last card remaining whether.

Watch The Battle

Surely this summoner can have even more exciting combos with Soulbound edition cards, so I'll keep experimenting.

Very excited to get this cute but deadly weapon in my deck, and I hope you weren't bored.


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