Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge - SPIRIT HOARDER

Good afternoon, brave warriors of the Splinterlands! It's been an extremely busy weekend, and I'm glad to have some free time to devote to my favourite game. For the new Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge round, the team has chosen a very interesting monster - a Neutral Mage Spirit Hoarder.

With a very low mana cost of 3, he has a great ability to heal allies on second and higher positions, and at higher levels, he also removes the positive effects of enemy spells, so I use him very often. Especially in low to medium mana battles. However, sometimes there are even more interesting uses for it.

For example, the other day I got a great new mage in my deck, Skok Duskblight, which allows you to attack "no attack" cards and came up with this combo:

Waka Spiritblade

Without a doubt my favorite summoner, and his ability to give allies the ability to poison enemy cards is a delight to me. As is the ability to use high-level cards.

Cursed Windeku

Its ability to return melee damage does a pretty decent amount of damage, and if the opponent uses a high tank it should really wear him out. On top of that, with its heal ability it can hold out for a very long time.

Gelatinous Cube

A classic card with the ability to gain health from dead monsters. Perfect replacement for my tank in case it gets knocked out by enemy mages in the early game moves. It happens quite often.

Skok Duskblight

Actually, using this mage and allowing Gelatinous Cube to deal magic damage to your opponent is a great way to surprise your opponent and turn a helpless wall into a retaliatory tool.


The more benefits the better, so next up was this mage, who not only slows the opponent but also removes his shields. A very useful and very underrated card.

Spirit Hoarder

The hero of the battle took the penultimate position, and his main task, in addition to dealing extra magical damage to the enemy's first position, was to cure the Gelatinous Cube, which is sure to be a nice catch for the enemy snipers.

Phantom Soldier

Rounding out the combo is a powerful mage with lots of health and good speed. Such a secret weapon in case the enemy is stronger and destroys my cards first. This fighter can hold out for a long time and at least make sure the opponent's losses are maxed out.

During the first round I knocked out the enemy SHIELDBEARER and even his resurrection by the HIGH PRIEST DRAIUS mage proved useless under the onslaught of my mages.

While the enemy SILVERSHIELD SHERIFF was vainly trying to destroy my GELATINOUS CUBE, which was being healed by SPIRIT HOARDER, the rest of the team was methodically mopping up and destroying the enemy mages one by one.

I went into the fourth round unscathed, and my opponent was left with only one archer. A very easy win and a great combo in my opinion, where a card with high health attracts attacks on itself and SPIRIT HOARDER constantly heals it, causing the opponent a lot of inconvenience and giving a head start to my long attack cards :)

Watch the battle

Happy to share the experience and, as always, see you on the battlefield!

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Hi drunksamurai
The Spirit Hoarder has pretty colors!
I like the design of his head and back.
He sounds like a very good monster - my kind of guy 😅
Thanks for sharing.