Splinterlands daily quest rewards & Giveaway 03.04.21 - Silver I, Neutral

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The start of a new season is always humble.. Good cards come very rarely, I already have enough potion bottles for a small store, and the next league is about 50 points away.

screenshot (13).jpeg

Given that the SAND WORM I have collected a hell of a lot decided to arrange a giveaway and the first 5 people who make re-post of this post will get this amazing card :)))

Make a repost - leave a comment with your game nickname - get a card. Profit!

@NoiseCash | @Twitter


Great card for high mana battles @ctrpch

The 1st card out of 5 is sent!

Thank you

Super new to this and just starting out. Would love any freebies.
Splinterlands name: chuckrick


Yes I reblogged it.

Hmmm.... your blogs are empty and I see a message @chuckrick hasn't blogged yet!

My username is @chuckrick96 on PeakD. My username is @chuckrick on Splinterlands.

Reposted and I am @sm-trainer.

2nd card out of 5 sent!