Splinterlands | Opening to 400+ Rebellion Card Packs - Gold Foil Legendary!?

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Rebellion is here!

I share my reaction to the 405 Rebellion Packs I opened in this video. I think I did pretty well. Let me know in the comments if you think I was lucky!

In another video or post, I will share my favorite Rebellion cards. I'll have to use them for a bit to pick them. After recording the video, I spent over an hour combining cards and could level up, most of them to at least level 4.

I spent a good amount of DEC on potions, but I'm happy with the cards I got. According to Peakmonsters, the 405 packs are worth almost 2,000 USD. I will try to hold to most of them until the next bull run.




Screenshot of some of the cards:

Promo Cards


Gold Foils Summoners


Gold Foil Common Cards



Gold Foil Rare Cards



Gold Foil Epic Cards


Gold Foil Legendary Cards



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Ouch, se sintió feo ese unfollow. Fino.

Saludos señor.

Espero mi contenido sea de agrado para alguien algún día 🤜🏻🤛🏻

No es personal. Dejé de seguir muchas cuentas.

Así mismo, 12+1 o Chuquiti, puedes decir "la voy a subir nivel chuquiti" y es válido.

Se podría decir que sacaste 1 Dorada Legendaria por cada 100 paquetes, felicidades por esa gran apertura.


Sí, así fue, 1 dorada legendaria por cada 100 paquetes, creo que eso está bien. Fue emocionante.

oh snap let's freakin goooo Eddie 400 packs is huge! What are you thoughts on the art style of the new cards? personally I love it

I think that the art style has improved a lot and moved in the right direction. The card designs are great and the skills and how the cards are built are great too.

The art is very very different, but I agree I think its a dope upgrade

Buena apertura mi bro yo tengo fe que me salga la legendaria abriendo de uno en uno jaja


Impressive post, Woc from @eddiespino! buiitre(5/5) is blown away by the commitment you've shown in crafting this post. Your hard work and dedication are highly appreciated.

You rock! @buiitre knows it, and that's why they sent you this gift of 0.2 WGOLD to remind you of your greatness.

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jajajaj puede pasar, pero no será muy sencillo. Dicen que cada paquete de cartas tiene una probabilidad, así solo abras uno.

Nice unboxing of rebellion packs .you got nice cards.superb opening

All those Gold Foil cards and even 4 Gold Foil summoners! Very nice.
I watched Canada on twitch open about 40 packs and not get 1 Gold Foil Legendary and I think walking keys on YouTube opened 50 packs and did not get one either. They did get some nice cards though.

I think I was pretty lucky :)

The gold legendary are so nice. I not sure to buy a pack or just get the cards on the market. It's still early, i see later which to get first !

Sometimes is better just to get the cards on the market. That way, you can get the cards you need. The pack is a little over 4$ if you count the VOUCHERS and can be worth from a few cents to maybe 20$ if you are lucky.

Did you make a profit or a loss in total, man? It's fun to follow stuff like this even though I don't play the game haha.

I think I earned about the same amount that I invested. But I keep most of the fards for now.

You’ve got some amazing cards here
I like them and I hope you use them well

Eddie es genial ver tu entusiasmo abriendo esos paquetes de cartas, cada vez que te salía una legendaria dorada, era grato ver tu entusiasmo, imagino que esa es la rareza máxima de cartas en Splinterlands ¿verdad?

Son muchos aspectos y detalles que no comprendo, pues claro, no me he dedicado a investigar y ver videos explicativos sobre Splinterlands.

Pero como te mencioné hace unos días, tu entusiasmo con Splinterlands me lo has estado transmitiendo, seguramente es cuestión de dias para animarme a probarlo, aprender y jugar.

Me alegra que estés satisfecho con tus paquetes abiertos de esta versión o temporada (No sé como se le diría) de Rebellion.

Gracias por compartir este post con nosotros. Saludos y abrazos para la familia Eddie. 🙏🏻

!1UP It's always great to follow the opening of so many packs 😄


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Me encanta este tipo de videos, me da emoción y eso que no soy yo quien esta abriendo los paquetes de cartas. Aún no he aprendido a jugar bien Splinterland, también me ha limitado bastante que tengo mala conexión y se me desconecta constantemente, a veces hasta cuando estoy escogiendo las cartas para pelear y pierdo batallas sin pelearlas.

Wow, 400 packs awesome! I completely lost track and was taken back when I saw all the new summoners, but it's been surprisngly fun playing with a whole bunch of new cards, and selecting buffs I think has been a great upgrade. What're your thoughts on the new gameplay?

Damn... That's a lot

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