in Splinterlandslast year (edited)
Authored by @androjo

Hello, I greet you with much affection from Venezuela.Today I received this card that gives me great joy, you will say that it is little, but I am going to tell you my story, of how I started in this great game.I spent 2 months gathering the EOS cryocurrency playing the games of the wombat extension, to be able to buy the SPELL BOOK and some little letters, I finally made it, $ 15, I immediately entered SPLINTERLAND, WITH A LOT OF FAITH AND to win and level up Of course, being aware that it is a long-term game, Thanks to youtuber Dany from SPLINTERDANY I have learned to rent, trade, play and other details, however,My computer burned down in a blackout in my country, I have not been able to rent more cards, I have not been able to play as I would like, I play on a borrowed phone from my wife and it is a nuisance, that game will damage my mobile, that game takes up a lot of memory! that game does not pay off! It's a bummer, I want to play, I want to level up, I imagine myself playing in gold or in the champions league, beating level players, I want to be financially free, so I'm learning to use the HIVE blog to get more out of it and With your support I will achieve it, help me to succeed, I accept all kinds of help, advice,and soon we will see each other in the champions league, I greet you from Venezuela