🦃Thanksgiving Day Splinterlands Tournament - The Golden Gobbler🦃

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Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

So I sponsored a tournament for Splinterlands today. I figured I better show up and whoop a little ass so people know I'm not some random player just trying to make a name by scheduling a tournament. The rounds were quick and it had 20 player groups. I've been playing since it was born and still do. The funny thing is, I destroyed people in it! I haven't gone undefeated in ages.

What I really loved, is that even though @oadissin has that one loss, it was to me and they are even in our guild! So mad props to you! Thanks for playing everyone and I hope it was fun. If you like the shorter rounds, do let me know as this was a trial run for future things. As for the graphics, it was turkeys, and it was showing for the first few days, not sure why it went all gobbldeegook on us. Hope everyone had a great stomach stuffing today!

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woot! great job @enginewitty and @oadissin... I also entered that tournament but need to cancel my submission in the last minute coz Im currently working that time haha

There were almost 500 entrants, was impressed with the turnout and thank you!

Woot... Great job both of you 👍❤
Our guild kick butt... Lol
That seems fun to play and I haven't played one yet but I think I will give it a try. Is there a easier tournament? Like for people who never done one?

Your power qualifies you for just about any tournament, and since you are more used to being able to use all the abilities, I wouldn't enter any of them that are below a gold level. As for easier? No, they all are open to everyone hun. 😘

Man! Reprahzentin and kickin ass!

That's how the pimp Witty rolls. Hope you are enjoying the long weekend and having a !BEER or two.

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